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Bauhaus Corporation Military – Mutant Chronicles

Bauhaus Corporation Military – Mutant Chronicles


Bauhaus Military

Bauhaus military forces have a deserved reputation for being well equipped and trained to perfection. In comparison to the armed forces of the other corporations they may lack fire-power and strength of numbers, but they compensate with high tactical versatility and state of the art protective armour.

The armoured forces, the Dragoon Regiments, are the most respected of all the Bauhaus forces. Being promoted to the rank
of Dragoon officer is regarded as one of the greatest honours that can be bestowed upon a Bauhauser.

The equipment utilised by the Bauhaus armed forces is of very high quality. Weapons and armour are optimised to combine mobility with the greatest possible effectiveness. High price tags and stringently checked manufacturing processes are limiting. With the high status of a military career tempting hordes of young men to enlist, the amount of equipment in the Bauhaus armouries is never enough to put them all in operative status. Given the core values of Bauhaus it would take significant pressure for them to consider sending ill-equipped soldiers to battle. Whilst there are downsides to this relatively slow and exacting process, a positive upshot is that most raw recruits receive superlative training before being deployed to a theatre of war.

Due to the importance of the military to the noble families, the armed forces are well regarded by Bauhaus high society. However, only those who have served as officers may be promoted to powerful positions in the corporation. Despite the aristocratic nature of Bauhaus’ rulers, there is little snobbery involved in such promotions; an official with a humble background is quickly promoted to staff colonel or equivalent should he prove brave on the battlefield and canny in business. Martial honour remains important and such an individual will need to prove himself in battle before being provided
a post. Gold-braced uniforms and ceremonial swords are common features in the corridors and gathering halls of the Bauhaus business empire. A commoner who eschews war will find it impossible to win influence.


Especially talented soldiers might be enrolled at a military academy to become an officer, but most of the time officers are picked from the nobility. Only after several years in one of the unit-designated academies are they expected to join real combat. Code of honour is very important, especially among officers, and there are extremely few disciplinary problems. For example, prisoners of war are treated well, cease-fires are respected, and wounded and dead soldiers from both sides are treated with respect and taken care of after the battle.

The armed forces, falling under the jurisdiction of Duke Elector Romanov, are divided into four service branches:

  • Armoured Forces: The Bauhaus Dragoons make up the core of the armed forces. Originally organised for battle in open
    terrain they have nevertheless adapted to the current main theatre of war – the Venusian jungles. They have achieved this mainly through redesigning their battle wagons, but also by implementing new tactics and organisation.
  • Infantry: The Hussars is the nickname for the more conventional ground military forces. They have lighter equipment and less
    training than the Dragoons, but are a good match for any regular unit of any other corporation.
  • Air Cavalry: The air cavalry provides needed support during operations as well as transportation for airlifts. This small and costly organisation is mainly equipped with large, heavily armed and armoured helicopters.
  • Special Forces: Bauhaus can boast having some of the finest special forces in the system, lacking nothing in regard to equipment, training or support. They are composed of the best soldiers from the regular elite units. Renowned are the Bauhaus Blitzers, a legendary anti-armour unit used for last-ditch missions and suicide runs against other armoured forces; the Etoiles Mortants, the Dying Stars, with special training and equipment for fighting the forces of the Dark Legion; and the Venusian Rangers, whose name speaks for itself.

The Venusian Rangers

The Venusian Rangers were initially raised as an experimental force but are now one of the most famous and trusted military
units in the solar system. They are the most famed of all Bauhaus’ military forces.

The Rangers are organised into divisions of around 10,000 elite troopers. They are provided with state of the art Bauhaus armour – currently, the Guardsman Mk. III Armour (see page 243) – and weaponry (Deathlockdrums and Panzerknackers). Each squadron chooses its own camouflage pattern for its armour. While some prefer the conventional jungle camo in shades of light green, brown, and grey, others stand out and keep the manufacturer’s bone-white basic colour. They reason that the best of the best don’t have to hide from anyone. Their protection masks, moulded into the shape of a grimacing death’s head, are designed to intimidate and strike fear into their opponents.

The basic requirements for a Venusian Ranger are extraordinary endurance and physical strength combined with determination and willpower far beyond that achieved by normal men. The Rangers are hand-picked from regular elite forces, placed in a two year training camp known as “The Forge”, and are then sent directly to the Venusian trenches.

The Etoiles Mortants

As part of Bauhaus’ program against Dark Legion infiltration on Venus, the Etoiles Mortants, or “Dying Stars”, were formed as a kamikaze unit specialising in reconnaissance and sabotage of Dark Legion citadels. Achieving the apparently impossible became an everyday event for Etoiles. Their small units of well-equipped and trained soldiers have gathered much of humanity’s collective military intelligence regarding the Dark Legion. Rumours have it that the Brotherhood is secretly supporting the units with seers and other powerful mystics who reinforce the task forces sent out on missions, but no one has been able to reveal the truth. Some even say that the individual members of the Etoiles are trained in the use of the Arts.

The Etoiles are most often lightly equipped, as they hold speed and stealth as priorities over firepower or armour. Many soldiers who have been sent to the Doomtrooper squads originally fought for the Etoiles. Their experience of the Dark Legion’s forces and tactics make them invaluable Doomtroopers. The badge of the Etoiles Mortants depicts a white supernova on top of a black cross.

Bauhaus Security Services

Bauhaus Law Enforcement Units

The BLEU, or “the Blues” as they are usually called, are Bauhaus’ one and only police force. They are renowned for their extreme efficiency and swiftness. The Blue focuses strongly on crime-prevention rather than law enforcement. It is almost impossible to move around in a Bauhaus-controlled area without running into pairs of foot-patrol Blues every five minutes; the Elector Dukes believe in saturation policing.

BLEU police officers are tall. The minimum height is 6’3”, which excludes most women from service in the field. When patrolling on foot, they are normally equipped with handguns and a single tear-gas grenade. They wear light protection vests under their blueblack uniforms. They have a reputation for rough summary justice, so most residents of Bauhaus areas know not to mess with them.

Small police stations housing up to a dozen officers are located in every other block. Each such office has one riot vehicle and equipment for real combat. In addition there is one main station housing around 200 officers and twenty vehicles per square kilometre.

There is no trial by jury in Bauhaus areas. All major crimes must be reported to a Magistrate, tough souls employed by the Ministry of Justice and empowered to investigate, detain, and punish criminals.

Bauhaus Diplomacy

Bauhaus is regarded as a tough but just business partner, always reliable when a deal has been closed but difficult and exacting during negotiations. Accordingly the financial and diplomatic relations between Bauhaus and other corporations are relatively good but they have a reputation for being slow to commit due to their acute attention to detail.

This demand for accuracy is sometimes seen as snobbishness, and Bauhaus negotiators have a reputation for looking down their noses at their competitors. In reality this reputation is largely undeserved. Bauhaus’ agents know that part of the business of creating products of unparalleled quality is to understand exactly what it is a client wants, and make sure all plausible dependencies are accounted for before committing themselves.


Relations between Bauhaus and Capitol are cool but profitable. Bauhaus buys a lot of raw materials from Capitol, and Capitol’s elite have a taste for luxury goods that Bauhaus trades in return. Tensions run high over the Graveton Archipeligo, an important area of natural resources on Venus that Bauhaus lays claim to but Capitol occupies. The Elector Dukes vow that one day they will reclaim the islands, but for now their struggles with the Dark Legion prevent them from an all-out attack on Capitol’s Venusian holdings.


Bauhaus and Imperial are always at war somewhere, but it’s a civilised state of war in which treaties are observed and prisoners well treated. Whilst their armed forces fight, the two corporations are happy to do business. A particular bone of contention is the fact that the original Fieldhausen Motors was voluntarily subsumed by Imperial in 762 YC. Whilst Bauhaus retains rights to the clan’s inventions up until the time of its defection, there is ongoing resentment over the matter. Many of newer products Fieldhausen Autowerks (as it is currently known) produces are seen as variations on Bauhaus owned designs. Winning these rogue elements of Fieldhausen back to the Bauhaus cause would be seen as a major coup.


Mishima seized large swathes of Venusian territory whilst Bauhaus was concentrating on fighting Dark Legion forces, and the Homebuilders regard this as a significant grievance. Bushfire wars between the two corporations occasionally break out, but for the time being, the Dark Legion takes priority. Bauhaus also suffers more than any other corporation from Mishima’s industrial espionage. Protesting about this to the Cartel has done no good, for whenever Bauhaus produces evidence of such activity, the Lord Heirs of Mishima simply pin the blame on a “rogue subordinate”, who then promptly commits suicide.


Relations between Bauhaus and Cybertronic are respectful and cordial. Bauhausers have a high regard for Cybertronic’s commitment to excellence, which they see as mirroring their own values. Bauhaus has even acted as a front for Cybertronic in dealing with the Cartel. It will moot Cybertronic ideas as its own in the knowledge that this is the only way they will be given serious consideration. But there are potential areas of conflict. Those in the circle of Duke Elector Romanov hint at suspicions regarding the degree to which Cybertronic utilises technology belonging to Bauhaus. If unaccounted theft of intellectual property has taken place, then Bauhaus will do whatever it takes to settle accounts.

The Cartel

The Elector Dukes regard the Cartel as a sideshow and probably a Capitolian tool. They have invested heavily in the military side of the Cartel, particularly the Doomtrooper program, and regard such efforts as time and money well spent. In other areas, their involvement with the Cartel is minimal and perfunctory.

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