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Bauhaus Corporation Settlements – Mutant Chronicles

Bauhaus Corporation Settlements – Mutant Chronicles


The Settlements


Venus is Bauhaus’ most important stronghold and the site of its capital, Heimburg. Terraforming of the planet was successful; perhaps too successful as Venus now teems with wildlife including some of the solar system’s most lethal predators and pathogens.

More than two thirds of the planet is covered in dense, hostile jungle, which is crossed everywhere by slow, shallow, disease-ridden rivers.

A great many Dark Legion citadels dot the planet’s surface. Some are the sites of open warfare, whilst others are apparently dormant. All need constant surveillance and are a significant drain on Bauhaus’ military resources.


The sprawling megacity of Heimburg is home to innumerable inhabitants and is the centre of Bauhaus’ power. Here you can
find the offices of all the major Ministries and sumptuous palaces belonging to the four Elector Dukes and other notable aristocrats. Heimburg is a clean city, at least in the upper corporate districts. There the architecture is solid and imposing, throwing large, black shadows on the alleyways and boulevards. The city is also notable for its many towering memorials dedicated mainly to the glorious war dead. Only a minority of the residents are properly regarded as Homebuilders. The rest are freelancers and their employees, fortune-seekers, spies, and members of other corporations. Heimburg is one of the few areas on Venus where the Elector Houses recognise the rights of non-Homebuilders to own land, and whole quarters dominated by other corporations exist.

The population of Heimburg reside in many tiers, with lower levels purposed to house poorer workers and thralls. By ancient order no building other than the Cathedral is allowed to be more than two thirds the height of the Palace of Government, and this helps remind the general populace of their place.

Luna and the East-West Towers

Luna is home to almost a quarter of all Homebuilders and as the fighting on Venus intensifies more and more manpower and resources are being relocated to Luna City.

The Bauhaus East-West Towers on Luna were designed to house all the central functions of the Bauhaus corporate management, as well as the departments and the ministries of the four Duke Electors. The top floors of the west tower house the Supreme Ministry of War. In the lower regions are what are commonly known as the Corridors of Advisors; the many different departments and coordination boards for freelance corporations and the more important subsidiary companies within Bauhaus. The east tower holds the board rooms of the Duke Electors, and the Ministries for economy, industry and social services.

The Duke Electors and other high officials have their own elevators to an underground level where private culverts lead directly to their respective palaces downtown. The security in the East-West Towers is strict, with armoured booths containing BLEU troopers stationed at the junctions of major corridors, near the external doors of elevators, and by every entrance to the building.

Bauhaus on Mars

Whilst Mars is primarily associated with Capitol holdings there is a significant Bauhaus presence on the Red Planet. Most
notably the city of Mundberg close to the Martian South Pole is a Bauhaus concern. The city is built on seven islands separated by glacial rivers. It is home to the Order of the Cave Bear, which is one of Bauhaus’ most celebrated military orders. Mundbergers have had to develop a strong sense of independence and self-sufficiency as they can expect little help from Venus when attacked. The other corporations look upon Mundberg with covetous eyes and Imperial forces have besieged the city a number of times.


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