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Bauhaus Corporation – Mutant Chronicles

Bauhaus Corporation – Mutant Chronicles

Bauhaus: Design and Order

Bauhaus is the oldest of the great corporations and even its most bitter rivals in business or war accord it great respect. Throughout the solar system, people credit Bauhaus with playing a pivotal role in ensuring the continuing survival of the human race. Were it not for the effort, innovation, and spirit of the corporation, humanity might still be confined to the lost and ailing world of Earth, at the mercy of forces beyond their understanding.

The Bauhaus corporation is also commonly and colloquially known as the Homebuilders. Back in the years before the coming of the Cardinals, it was Bauhaus that first produced the terraforming technology that allowed humanity to escape Earth and establish colonies throughout the solar system.

The people of the corporation are also seen as pioneers of a more spiritual sort, for it was from within their holdings on Venus that the Cardinals first appeared and established the Brotherhood. Of all corporations, Bauhaus is closest to the brotherhood. The people of Bauhaus view themselves as the Cardinal’s chosen, and the first four Cardinals were drawn from the corporation’s ranks.

The symbol of the Bauhaus is a large cogwheel, with twelve teeth, four spokes, and a conspicuous hole at the point of axis. Contemplation of the symbol provides an insight into the structure of Bauhaus’ leadership. Each spoke represents one of the four families of Duke Electors who govern Bauhaus’ business, military, and society. The 12 teeth are representative of the Duke Electors flanked by their chief advisors and heirs apparent. A Princeps Inquisitor holds position as chairman in the centre of the wheel and so it is illustrated that Bauhaus society revolves around the Brotherhood.

As well as the pivotal role it played in the history of the colonisation of space, Bauhaus has a deserved reputation for producing goods and services of quality. Bauhaus products are invariably at the top of their range, and even the executives and managers of rival companies regard a Bauhaus brand item as a mark of reliability and worth.

The people of Bauhaus are mostly well cared for and rewarded when they display talent, hard work, or gallantry in the field. In return, the corporation expects diligent and exacting work on products and services that meet the highest standards, as well as loyal and brave service in the Bauhaus military. No matter how humble your birth, if you fight bravely and work hard, you too could join the ranks of nobility; that’s the promise the corporation extends to its employees.


Bauhaus has its roots in the corporate takeovers and mergers of the late 21st Century and originally it had its powerbase in Central Europe. Aristocratic wealth and privilege married with market forces and led to the dominance of rich Investor Houses, beginning the tradition of noble families managing the corporation’s affairs. It was Bauhaus that first produced a workable model of the technology required to terraform planets. It lacked the resources needed to put the technology to practical use, and so it entered into negotiations with Capitol. These talks led to a joint venture and the terraforming of Luna. Here Bauhaus established a centralised power base; the East-West Towers.

Life on Earth became increasingly difficult due to environmental upheaval and sporadic warfare. Bauhaus withdrew to its holdings elsewhere in the solar system. It explored and seized swathes of new territory on the planet Venus, founding the city of Heimburg. Bauhaus entered into negotiations with Capitol and Imperial, and in the late 24th Century returned to Earth. The corporations planned to commence terraforming operations to make the lost world habitable once more. An expeditionary force landed in Europe with the intention of resuming control of Bauhaus’s old facilities, but contact with it was lost. Subsequent attempts to establish control were abandoned in the face of unexpected resistance from the inhabitants of Earth, as well as manifestations of Dark Symmetry during the First Dark Legion War.

Being heavily reliant on high technology and artificial intelligence systems, Bauhaus was amongst those most disrupted by the power of the Dark Symmetry. Bauhaus scientists worked hard to reconfigure advanced technological systems using more primitive mechanisms that were less susceptible to interference from the Dark Symmetry.

Desperate to find a way of exploiting the newly opened rifts in reality, Bauhaus scientists colluded with Mishima and Capitol to steal an experimental Imperial frigate outfitted to navigate through warp rifts. Whilst this theft was never proven, it became a cause of serious bitterness between Bauhaus and Imperial, and escalating tensions between the four corporations led to the First Corporate War.

Rival corporations regarded Venus as territory to be conquered. Whilst Bauhaus fielded well equipped armies, it lacked the military organisation of Imperial or Capitol and lost a great number of border disputes and resource wars. The conflict hardened attitudes within the corporation and set in motion societal changes that would see the militarised nobility come to even greater prominence. With all of Venus at stake, Bauhaus did not play a significant role in the struggle for resources in other parts of the solar system. It entered into the Southern Martian Wars at a late stage and won the territory that would go on to become the megacity of Mundberg.

The Brotherhood and the Dark Legion

In the year 2480 AD three brothers appeared from the jungles of Venus and preached a message of peace and reconciliation. The most vocal and charismatic of the trio was Nathaniel Durand. People flocked to his new faith in droves. The Brotherhood grew, and Bauhaus was its greatest supporter. The other corporations were compelled to negotiate and the Treaty of Heimburg was signed, ending the First Corporate War.

Shortly after the establishment of the Brotherhood a rogue band of Imperial Conquistadors broke the seals on planet Nero and unleashed Dark Legion forces. Across the solar system great citadels appeared and landed on planets and moons in order to establish beachheads and fortresses. Hundreds of these citadels descended upon Venus. From their gateways marched cohorts of Legionnaires to assault the cities of the Homebuilders. It was during the siege of Heimburg that Bauhaus moved its HQ from the East-West Towers of Luna to the beleaguered Venusian city, committing itself to the defence of its most important holding.

Whilst Durand was able to rally the corporations to Venus and push the legions back to their citadels the victory was won at tremendous cost. Many Homebuilder settlements were razed and its people slaughtered. Of all corporations Bauhaus suffered most from the attack, losing lands, money, and power. The Elector Dukes came to believe that if it wasn’t for the assault on Venus, Bauhaus would be preeminent amongst the corporations, and such resentment was only exacerbated by opportunistic efforts on behalf of Capitol and Mishima to seize important Venusian territory whilst Bauhaus fought the forces of Algeroth.

A corporation at war

There was little peace for Bauhaus even after it pushed back the nightmare forces of the Dark Legion. A series of civil conflicts lasting nearly thirty years followed. Known as the Throne Wars, this internecine strife arose as the four Elector Duke families vied with one another for power. Rival corporations annexed Bauhaus holdings for their own Venusian territories whilst the Homebuilders squabbled amongst themselves.

In a few short years Bauhaus was at war once more. Mishima and Bauhaus fought the Graveton Sub Wars on Venus, as Mishima forces built great fortresses to contest Bauhaus’ island territories. After forty years of terrible losses the two corporations called an uneasy truce.

In the past few centuries the Ministry of Light became strong and oppressed the battle-weary Bauhausers with its unstinting witch hunts for heretics and mutants. This is seen as an understandable reaction to the possibility of resurgent Dark Legion activity but has also sparked a degree of resistance in the form of apocalyptic cults and anarchic movements. The four Great Houses are careful not to repeat the blunders of the Throne Wars, but still vie for power through clandestine intrigues and third party manipulations. Homebuilders resent the gains other corporations made from their mistakes and misfortunes, regarding Mishima as opportunistic, Capitol as greedy, and Imperial as reckless. Good relations between Bauhaus and Cybertronic exist but are built on poor foundations. The Brotherhood remains suspicious of Cybertronic and Bauhaus always eventually aligns its attitudes with those of the Curia.


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