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Blue on Blue: After Action Report

Blue on Blue: After Action Report

Warzone Resurrection report

CTC Magazine Issue 1 Dec 2014
by Sean Bray

The Second Corporate Wars had begun as all wars do; with betrayal, deceit, and treachery. The Megacorporations throughout the solar system vied for control of humanity’s tiny speck of space. The dusty barren wasteland that was humanity’s birth planet had been abandoned. with it went any reasonable hope of a lasting peace between the Megacorporations.

Nor was the fighting limited to inter-corporation encounters. Despite the over abundance of enemies (or even dubious allies), often a corporate commander would find that their greatest threat existed within the hierarchy of their own corporation. When such situations existed it was only a matter of time before blood was spilled. All the corporations took certain steps to ensure that such feuds were contained and isolated as much as possible, so as to not affect the greater corporate interest. Encounters were small, just large enough for each commander to prove his worth when in charge of a combined arms detachment. Yet despite the relatively small size of these brawls, they were bloody and deadly affairs, fuelled less by tactical neces-sity than by pride and anger.

It was such a situation that saw Big Bob Watts, Capitol Corporation’s premiere Marine master of firearms, come to blows with Lt Col Michael Sanders, the Blue Shark. No one knows why the feud started. Perhaps it was an insult directed at one or another, after which pride demanded a deadly response. Perhaps it was merely some supposed slight. Perhaps one betrayed the other.

The Capitol Corporation did not care in any event. It simply wanted the matter resolved. With any number of rival corporations beating at it’s door, to say nothing of the growing rumours of the rise of the Dark Legion, the corporation could ill afford squabbles within its own ranks.

Corporate orders were simple:

Solve it. The only caveat on those orders was that neither commander could be permanently injured. Medical science was such that even once fatal injuries could be healed, but death was still a very real outcome of war. Big Bob Watts and Lt Col Sanders would both be needed for the coming battles. Capitol hoped that victory, in favour of either side, would sate the blood lust of both and allow them to once again focus on the larger picture.

At least, that was the theory. Caring not a whit for the ‘larger picture,’ at least not a present, Watts and Sanders prepare to finish their feud.

Force compositions

Big Bob Watts’ Capitol Force (Sean Bray)

  • Warlord: Big Bob Watts
  • 5 Free Marines
  • 5 Air Cavalry
  • 5 Heavy Infantry
  • 1 Orca

Lt Col Michael Sanders’ Capitol Force (Michael Sanders)

  • Warlord: Lt Col Michael Sanders
  • 5 Martian Banshees
  • 4 Heavy Infantry with The Iron Lady
  • 3 Purple Sharks


Scenario: Take & Hold

Corporate Objectives:

  • Sean: Rookies
  • Michael: Blood Feud


The forces allied with Big Bob take the initiative, but stay back to allow Sanders to deploy his forces first and respond accordingly. Bob was slightly worried about his inexperienced heavy infantry, but he was satisfied that they would be protected by their armour and long range fire power. Bob had also deployed an ear splitting resonator prior to the battle, hoping it would allow his troops some breathing room to get into positions.

Turn 1

As soon as they entered the combat zone, Bob ordered his Heavy Infantry to try to take the high ground on the raised catwalk near their position. Meanwhile, Sanders wasted no time, sending his Purple Sharks forward in a rush to get at their primary target. They were gunning for the enemy Orca before it could get into range and shred Sanders’ line.

Big Bob himself then moved to take the high ground alongside his Heavy Infantry, thinking that the elevated position would give him an advantageous field of fire for his massive auto cannons. In response, Sanders entered the fray, firing the boosters on his shark and trying to whittle away at the armour of the Orca dominating the far edge of the field of battle. Unfortunately his targeting sensors weren’t yet at 100%, and he missed entirely.

Bob calls in his Air Cavalry from reserve to claim the nearest objective. They land using their insertion packs, and rush in to claim the objective. They quickly took what cover they could from the hailstorm of fire they knew would soon be directed their way.

However, Sanders had set up trap near the objective. As soon as the Air Cav claimed it, the sand around them exploded, killing one soldier and catching the rest completely off guard. While the Air Cav attempted to recover, Sanders’ Heavy Infantry moved up into firing position against Bob. One soldier from the squad rushed forward and disabled the ear splitting resona-tor before it could cause too much damage. The rest of the infantry, forming a protective cor-don around their medic, begin firing at Bob to no effect.

Bob radioed his Orca, ordering them to advance on the opposing Heavy Infantry and give some covering fire. The Orca lumbered forward, stepping over obstacles designed for infan-try. It took aim with its long range machine gun and opened fire. However, the shots pinged off the surrounding cover near the Heavy Infantry and do not cause any damage.

Sanders once again activated the explosive sand around the Air Cav, but this time they were ready for it and lose no one. While they were distracted by the explosives, Sanders called in his dreaded Martian Banshees. They landed behind the Air Cav position, diverted at the last second from their primary drop location. Realising that the more critical threat is the Heavy Infantry to their flank, they immediately opened fire, killing two Heavies before charging to-wards a third. Making contact, their target grunted as a knife was driven home into his chest. Thanks to the added velocity of the jet pack on the banshee, the blade punched through even the heavy breastplate of his armour, but he reached down and ripped the knife out. Dosing up on painkillers from his stimulant pack, he continued fighting with no ill effect.

Turn 2

Sanders seized the initiative and pressed home the advantage afforded by the flanking Sharks and inserted Banshees. His Heavy Infantry all opened up with their heavy weapons on Big Bob while he was still attempting to get into a better firing position. A hail of bullets surrounded Bob on the gantry. An overcharged plasma shot hit him in his leg as he ran and another struck his shoulder. Bob pressed on through the storm, however; he had to get to cover!

Meanwhile, Bob’s Rookie Heavy Infantry got over their initial shock at the intense assault of the Banshees. Angry over their two lost comrades, they activated their stimulant packs and engaged an experimental firing mode. Their weapons now operated as supercharged shot-guns- the Banshees don’t stand a chance. Four died in the first volley. The last Banshee accepted that he was about to die and fought down his fear, but was quickly beaten down by the last Heavy Infanteer. The Heavies took a deep breath to allow the stims to wear off.

Sanders saw that his Purple Sharks were right where he needed them. He sent the attack sig-nal and all three roared around the corner to open up on the towering Orca with a withering hail of lead. While the Orca’s armour was strong, it couldn’t hold up against such an extreme amount of firepower. Like a cow stung by a thousand bees, the Orca reals under the onslaught but remained operational, the crew working feverishly to acquire the new threat.

The Orca turned and brought all of its considerable weaponry to bear on the Purple Sharks. However, the crew were in a panicked rush and managed to miss most of their shots. Only a single Shark was hit and suffered some minor damage.

At that moment, Sanders saw his target… his most hated rival, at least for the moment. Big Bob was in his sights. At long last, his revenge for the levelled insult would be complete, and what made it all the sweeter was that Bob had no idea the danger he was in. Sanders grinned as he gunned his Shark’s supercharged engines. Of course Bob had no idea. Like any Marine, Bob was a crude creature, prone to speaking before thinking. Often, one could overlook such things, but this time he had crossed a line… a line that could only be re-drawn in blood. This called for a personal touch, so as Sanders closed in at maximum velocity he drew his knife and leaned out. Bob saw this just in time to see Sanders grin in victory as his knife slammed into Bob’s jaw. Sanders dragged Bob along the catwalk towards the now horrified Rookie Heavy Infantry before finally releasing the corpse. Sanders now had only one thought remaining… kill them all.

Before being slain, Bob had called for his Free Marines to deploy. They burst out of cover from another objective marker, close on the flanks of the Purple Sharks. They fired their rocket launcher but the shot missed. Seeing this, the squad commander instead attached a timed C-4 charge to the engine cowling of one of the Sharks. Another tossed his C-4 satchel charge, the blast further damaging the Sharks. The last two Marines charged in to engage the Sharks in close combat just as they were completing their firing run at the Orca. One leapt upon the Shark as it passed, and the other ran up a wall to leap onto the upper fuselage of the last Shark, attempting to bring it down.

Bob’s death was also seen by the Air Cav. In desperation, they had tried to save him by firing on Sanders, but were unable to land any hits before Bob was brought low.

Turn 3

Sanders’ defeat of Bob allowed him to retain the initiative. His Heavy Infantry added telescopic sights to their already considerably long range weaponry, and took aim at both the Air Cav and newly revealed Free Marines. Two Air Cav are killed along with two Free Marines, one of which is vaporised by a plasma hit.

Bob’s Rookie Heavy Infantry rushed to avenge their fallen leader. One sprinted up the stairs while the two others clambered up the walls of the structure to get into a decent firing position. They all opened up on Sanders but couldn’t bring him down before he rocketed away.

As he pulled away from the Heavy Infantry with only slight damage, Sanders targeted the Orca’s rear. He opened up on the walker and stripped away the last of its armour . His last volley was the fatal one, destroying the Orca’s drive system. The war machine crashed to the ground a smoking, sparking ruin.

Bob’s Free Marines continued their assault on the Purple Sharks. An anti-vehicle grenade were lobbed and caused some damage. However, the Squad Commander realised that Big Bob Watts had been killed and knew the situation was desperate. So did his squad. He ordered his Marines to hold the Sharks in position, rushed along a wall to clear the blast radius and depressed the detonator on his C-4. One Shark is instantly turned into a spray of burning scrap, taking one of the Marines with it. Another Shark was damaged in the blast. The squad commander readied another satchel charge before lobbing it at the remaining two Sharks.

The unengaged Shark left its comrade behind and targeted the enemy Heavy Infantry, killing one. The engaged Shark continued its duel with the Free Marine, who clung to the bike like a pest and refused to let it leave the area.

Bob’s Air Cav took aim at the remaining free-roaming Purple Shark and open fire at maximum range. The first soldier’s shots failed to hit, but the second got supremely lucky. He managed to hit the C-4 charge still attached to the back of the jetbike. It detonated, bringing the burning wreck crashing to the ground.

Turn 4

In spite of the loss of Big Bob, his forces somehow managed to regain the initiative . The Heavy Infantry fired on Sanders’ Heavy Infantry and the Iron Lady. They did no damage, but at this stage of the battle they were down to just trying to cause as much as possible.

Sanders himself turned from the wreck of the Orca, and rushed the Free Marines still engaged with the remaining Purple Shark. As he entered the melee, it was only luck that kept the Marines from meeting Sanders’ still-dripping blade.

Bob’s Air Cav rushed back into cover to reclaim their objective and hunkered down as best they could, knowing that they didn’t have the firepower to turn the tide of battle.

Sander’s Heavy Infantry moved up and took aim at the last two Heavy Infantry on the catwalk. Both fell to their precision fire. However, realising that the Free Marines would soon be killed by Sanders and that no other forces remained, the last two Air Cav retreated from the field to fight another day… the battle was lost for Big Bob’s Forces.

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