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Capitol Corporation Military – Mutant Chronicles

Capitol Corporation Military – Mutant Chronicles

Capitol Society

Capitol Corporation Military

Capitol believes in the inherent goodness and strength of its citizens. Therefore, as everyone plays a vital role in supporting the society, not wanting to see this corporation weaken and crumble, and it is not surprising most make choices for overall growth and prosperity. Even as the people are working towards their own ends they are also working for the common good. Even as Capitolians are formed of all creeds and kinds, they are united in their diversity. And for those who choose otherwise, well…this is balanced out by those who choose to defend the common good by force.

Air Forces (CAF)

Capitol believes in manoeuvrability on the battlefield. What better way to manoeuvre than overhead, out of reach of much of the enemy’s armaments? Fighter pilots are revered within Capitolian society, and to become one is many a youth’s dream. The Armed Forces of Capitol (AFC) spares no expense in outfitting its squadrons with the best aircraft it can manufacture (or buy) and equipping them with weapons of mass destruction. Most Capitol engagements begin with aircraft decimating enemy lines ahead of incoming ground troops.

Ground Forces (CGF)

The AFC’s ground troops are primarily devoted to assaulting a position after a target has been softened up by air strikes. It is a difficult task, tromping through the mud and blood, and the death toll is high. The reality of this results in constantly low recruitment numbers, and ground efforts must often be backed up by the Freedom Brigades or Free Marines, populated by criminals or those seeking Capitol citizenship. Troops up to 10,000 strong are stationed at every Capitol settlement or city, forever on high alert due to the constant threat of the Dark Legion or other corporations.

Naval Command (CNC)

While receiving a lesser focus and financial investment, the Capitol navy still rises to the challenge of warfare on the open seas. Smaller than most other corporations’ water-bound forces, the CNC makes up for it by being extremely flexible, mobile, and high-impact when an engagement occurs. As such, it can often outmanoeuvre superior numbers and make single devastating strikes while minimizing losses.

Special Forces

Unique circumstances call for unique solutions, and so Capitol has honed its most elite soldiers into a variety of specialized
ranks to be dispatched when most necessary. From the Airborne Rangers to the anti-terrorist Alpha Force to the aquatic Sea
Lions to the long-distance warfare experts in the Dog Soldiers, Capitol always has an ace in its pocket to pull out at just the
right time.

Equipment & Uniforms

Most forces are equipped with basic armour and weaponry that is mass-produced and plentiful. The standard gear is plain, but functional, and soldiers often delight in adjusting their armour to reflect their personality or squad image. Capitol is far more eager to outfit its elite soldiers and squads with cutting-edge weapons and defences, believing they hold the key to truly
turning the tide of battle. Aside from daily duty uniforms and parade dress, soldiers can also be distinguished by any medals
they have been awarded. Most medals mark valour or bravery in battle, such as the Freedom Eagle or the Military Gallantry

A Chance for Redemption

Many want the opportunity to earn citizenship in Capitol and enjoy the freedoms it offers. At the same time, those Capitolians who have voided their rights by criminal activity may crave the chance to get their past wrongs erased and begin anew. For both, the surest, yet hardly safest method is through military service in some of the most brutal squads ever assembled.

Freedom Brigades

The Freedom Brigades are a famed fighting force known throughout the system. Never has Capitol’s promise of freedom for all been more evident than in these squads. Their ranks are formed either of non-Capitolian volunteers or criminals looking to wipe their record clean. These soldiers are bound by a common drive to reforge their legacies, and only Capitol is willing to give them the chance to do so. It is a hard path, with harsh controlling measures, but most within the Brigades are zealous in their efforts to prove worthy of a brighter future.

Free Marines

Even those who have served faithfully have the occasional slip-up. A valorous soldier may be court-martialed for an unfortunate breach in regulations, and his only way out of dishonour is to join the Free Marines. These elite are often charged with suicide missions behind enemy lines, and they are desperate enough to regain their honour to charge in, heedless of the danger. If they do not survive, at least they went out in a blaze of glory.

Capitol Security Forces

If anyone wants to claim Capitol is teetering on the edge of anarchy and absolute lawlessness, there are a number of uniformed people who would gladly adjust this opinion in a darkened alley. The law is alive and well, and any criminal elements are prosecuted to its full extent when caught. That extent all depends on who does the catching.

Capitol Security Service

Capitol Security Service provides the main patrol on the pavement these days, doing what they can to apprehend the more common criminals plaguing Capitol’s law-abiding citizens. If a Capitolian feels safe enough to leave their home and take a stroll through a park, or not worry about coming home after a late night shift, it is a sure bet CSS is responsible. Is it as glamorous as dealing death on the frontlines? Maybe not, but it is just as vital – because if Capitolians cannot thrive in their own cities, how will they fare when facing the darkness on the borderlands or in the uncaring reaches of space?


There are times when more drastic measures are called for. When any Capitol territory is threatened by riots or other internal uprisings, those involved are not going to listen to reason. Their blood is boiling too hot – and so the solution is to spill that blood until it cools off. That is where the Armed Interdiction Police Squads (aka “Apes”) join the fracas. The name brings to mind a bunch of bare-knuckled brutes who have little regard for preserving human dignity or life, and that is pretty close to the mark. Heavily armoured and heavily armed, they are often first identified by the demonic screeching of their RAT bikes. Their ranks are filled by soldiers who proved too brutal and unable to obey their commanders to fulfil any vital function on the warfront. So they are unleashed to ply their unique brand of mindless violence when the rabble tries to make a nuisance of itself.

The Bureau

More devious and organized crime must answer to someone. That is the Bureau’s main job and it is on the case on anything from breaking up drug rings to tracking down serial killers to cleansing corruption. The Bureau’s Special Crimes division is also rumoured to spearhead the effort in discovering and eliminating those heretical agents who threaten Capitol from within.

Military Intelligence Corps

The Military Intelligence Corps (MIC) does much of the covert dirty work. Its mission ranges from rival corporation espionage to undermining the Dark Legion at its core. Its members tend to veer towards the psychotic, which may make it a good thing that they often work deep within enemy territory where they must show no mercy if discovered. Many widespread terrorist activities have been blamed on the MIC, though rarely is there any evidence to support the claim.

External Intelligence Agency

The External Intelligence Agency (EIA) is MIC’s main rival, also dealing with undercover work, sniffing out data from across the worlds to empower its blackmail efforts, double-agent agendas, and assassinations. Unfortunately, it has a reputation for
its agents getting a bit too heady on all the secret power they wield and using it for their personal profit rather than for the
good of Capitol.

Most agents do not hold to any particular uniform, using their casual clothes and appearances to blend in with the crowd, where they can get their vital data-gathering and death-delivering done. However, they always carry badges to identify themselves if the situation demands. The Bureau’s distinguishing mark is an eagle with the scales of justice clutched in its talons. MIC is marked by the AFC crest with two torches crossed behind it. EIA is denoted by the Capitol eagle flared over two clasped hands.


While citizens have the right to make their own choices, deep down they know each comes with a price. Even Heretics have the right to align themselves with dark powers, knowing the instant their foul dealings are brought to light, they will be eradicated with all due speed and brutality. When a citizen comes before the Capitol justice system, the consequences they could face range anywhere from fines to enforced military service to imprisonment and hard labour or death.


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