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Capitol Corporation Settlements – Mutant Chronicles

Capitol Corporation Settlements – Mutant Chronicles


The Settlements


Welcome to the main Capitol turf, where the corporation has staked its claim and its citizens live free. Once nothing but
barren red soil, terraforming efforts have created expansive fields, forests, and even oceans – though the last remain relatively lifeless. A vast irrigation system across the northern hemisphere waters the crops necessary for the survival of all
Capitolian cities on the planet. While still rocky and treacherous in places, Mars is a hardy frontier, fitting for an even
hardier people.

San Dorado

Second only in size to Luna itself, San Dorado is Capitol’s capital city, established between the Mariner Crater and the Dalien Sea. Just as Capitol is formed by a mingling of all aspects of humanity, so San Dorado cannot be pinned down by any one descriptive. It is a centre for all industries, all careers, all passions, all dangers. Crammed with rearing skyscrapers and factories that often blot out the sky with their smoke, it is bordered by hundreds of miles of oil fields – one of the corporation’s largest exports, as well as the fuel for its constant military advancement.

Within San Dorado awaits an overwhelming cacophony of city life. The streets are packed with cars, and the sidewalks crowded with people funnelling to and fro, trying to mind their own business.

“The Doughpits”

After Capitol first set foot on Mars, it was only a matter of time before the Dark Legion made its presence known to torment
humanity. When the first Citadel began to be constructed, Capitol made a heroic attempt to eliminate the invaders. However, internal treachery, as well as Imperial betrayal, stymied the effort long enough for the Citadel to be completed. Since then, more Citadels have arisen across the planet, threatening all things good and holy. Employing guard towers, trenches, moats, and other fortifications, Capitol has managed to surround the Citadels and keep them contained – however, the vast resources required to maintain this effort has proven an increasing money sink over the decades. Hence the name.

The Southern Lands

This territory was once one of the most fertile areas on Mars and had originally been claimed by Capitol. However, as they always do, Mishima, Imperial, and Bauhaus all tried to pretend they deserved to profit from it as well. The wars ignited over this territory dispute continue to flare up every so often as Capitol seeks to reclaim its rightful lands. Yet none of the other corporations are willing to give up their ill-gotten claims, even as the Dark Legion has established a presence in the region.


The footstep Capitol took when it guided humanity to the stars, Luna remains central to its cultural identity. While the moon is now settled by all the other corporations, Capitol remains the largest lunar presence, using it as a base of operations for its system-wide expansion.

Pioneer’s Rock

The original Pioneer landing site on Luna, this establishment is located on the outskirts of the first off-world Capitol settlement. It has been made into a memorial to honour that first permanent step off Earth, paving the way for the colonization of the solar system. Here, one can marvel at ancient technology and relics from that bygone era and wonder at the ingenuity and grit that allowed those original explorers to found Capitol’s future.

The Bore

One of the first strip-mined sections of the moon, this deep, conical shaft has been converted into an inverted city integrated with an amusement park – after all, even in these dark times, citizens need a way to relax and enjoy themselves. The top of the cone is covered with a lattice of metal catwalks mounted with all manner of automated and manned defence systems. Further catwalk layers segment the old mine into various districts for dwellings, shopping, bunkers, and more. People can take advantage of the low-gravity for plunging bungee jumps from near the very top of the cone to the bottom, giving them a unique view of the whole city on the way down and back up.

Capitol Diplomacy

Humanity has always been a contentious lot, even in the most peaceful of times – and that is hardly a descriptive for this dark era of war. Now, while the corporations and coalitions may, at times, try to create a unified image in the face of the Dark Legion, it remains a squabbling lot behind the scenes.


Thanks to Imperial treachery during the earliest Dark Legion attacks, Capitol has never trusted this corporation. Should the
opportunity arise, many within Capitol ranks would not hesitate to put Imperial out of its misery.


Bauhaus and Capitol enjoy a steady and fruitful commercial trade arrangement, though they have come to blows before over various territorial disputes. As of now, neutrality keeps things quiet between the two, but many wonder how long this will last.


While it is the largest of Capitol’s trading partners, Mishima is also the most ruthless. This, alongside Mishima’s highly restrictive society and values, has brought the two to blows numerous times, and will do so again in the future.


While intrigued by the promise of Cybertronic’s developing technologies, Capitol remains leery of this new corporation, though some members of the Board would certainly be willing to buy them out.


Capitol is wary of Whitestar, though the Earthbound corporation certainly seems to have its priorities straight, what with being wholly opposed to the Dark Legion. They are simply too mysterious, brutal, and withdrawn to be fully trusted.

The Brotherhood

Capitol sees itself as the foremost ally of the Brotherhood, with the majority of citizens being devout followers of the Light and decrying all things heretical. The only point of contention is in the Inquisition’s sometimes overbearing methods, which oppose the Capitol way of freedom from oppression.

The Cartel

Capitol is the founding force of the Cartel, and continues to pledge its full and unfailing support to the effort. Capitol believes the Cartel represents one of humanity’s best hopes in finally gaining a foothold in the war and driving the Dark Legion back.

Luna PD

Capitol would like to believe Luna PD has its best interests at heart, especially as it supposedly works under its directive. However, since it is staffed by members of all corporations, there is always potential for other agendas to be at play, and so Capitol keeps a close eye on those attempting to police themselves.


Any sort of independent organisation or private company that catches Capitol’s eye often is simply bought out and incorporated into the fold. Better to bring the best and brightest to work under the Capitol banner than to treat them as competition.

The Heretics

The Capitolian creed for dealing with heretics is simple. Find them. Burn them. Stamp them out, in whatever face or form they come. No compromise and no faltering. They are a corruptive force beyond redemption, and threaten everything humanity has fought to achieve

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