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Capitol Corporation Society – Mutant Chronicles

Capitol Corporation Society – Mutant Chronicles

Capitol Corporation

Capitol Society

Society is All About Perspective

There is no such thing as an ‘average’ Capitolian – they value their individuality far too much as they all come from varying cultures, builds, backgrounds, and beliefs. Diversity is the spice of existence for Capitol, which is why they accept almost everyone with open arms – except for Heretics, of course. They respect that everyone can contribute to society as a whole and believe greatness is capable of being found within anyone. It is a noble ideal, to be sure, thinking everyone deserves equal rights and equal say in how things run. Does it work, though? Most Capitolians will chorus a mighty yes.

However, combine the concept of freedom-at-all-costs with Capitol’s obsession with prosperity and fame, and things can become chaotic as its citizens scramble over one another to reach the top. In fact, despite the corporate propaganda, Capitol is one of the most – if not the most – crime-ridden, violent, and corrupted corporations in existence. Those Capitolians who admit to this, claim that the dark side of their society weeds out the weak among them and gives the strong a chance to step up to their full potential. Others just see it as rife with opportunities for abuse and flailing near to anarchy at all times.

Those who live in more restrictive corporations, such as Bauhaus, tend to see Capitol as a rabid mongrel to be chained. Those lower on the strata of the same corporations, though, are known to yearn for the freedom Capitol offers.

Living the Life

Being a Capitolian does not just mean soaking in every good thing the corporation doles out. A true citizen gives back. They make a stand for the virtues and values that set Capitol apart from the other corporations. Capitolians do not do it because they have to, like the poor, oppressed slobs in Mishima. They do it because they want to, because they recognise this freedom is worth the fight and the sacrifice! Otherwise, a citizen is just a parasite. Who else makes good parasites? Heretics. Give that a hard think over.

In Capitol, providing for its people is the name of the game. Meals may not be a seven-course affair, but food is at least plentiful. Products may not be held to such rigorous standards as Bauhaus, but at least everyone can afford the necessities. Transportation is cheap and fast. People get what they need, when they need it.

What Matters Most

These glorious cities do not just build themselves. It takes dedication, hard work, and courage. Other corporations might try to make their people conform to certain standards, or even try to spawn them in horrid breeding programs, but not Capitol. Every Capitolian knows these inherent values from birth, and it is just a question of whether they are given the opportunity to let those virtues shine that sets them apart from the common drone.

Media for the Masses

A Beacon… Not Brainwashing

Plenty of people point at the mega-empire of Capitol’s media powerhouses and decry it as polluted propaganda. Such a sad smear attempt does nothing but fool those who are already blind to the truth. What corporation does not tailor its news and sing its own favourite tune? Capitol may dress up the truth a bit and stick it in the proper lighting, but this is not propaganda. It is a clarion call to glory! It is a point-blank barrage inspiration that drives men and women and children to happiness and hope, helping them dream of making a better life for themselves.

The Golden Screen

No other corporation comes close to matching Capitol’s film-making industry. It is nearly, if not entirely, as massive as the
corporation’s whole battlefront effort – and just as essential. It represents the heart and soul of Capitol, giving people a reminder of why they are so fortunate to be part of a millennia-spanning legacy. From heart-stopping thrillers to weep-in-your-seat romances to the most enthralling epics ever seen, Capitol’s movies embody the virtues that make this corporation so great.

While many Capitol citizens enjoy luxury and comfort not found in any other corporation, there is an even higher echelon of the people who all look to for guidance. The military leaders? The Board? The President? All movers and shakers in their own way; but the real power is found among the stars. Not the twinkling motes of light above the atmosphere, but the stars of stage and screen and script. Those who lend their faces and voices, bodies and souls to bring hope to the masses while drawing undying devotion from their fans.

When it comes down to it, studios such as Union Motion Pictures and Independent are going to be as vital to winning this war as the soldiers on the front line.


Even the youngest child in Capitol knows freedom is not free. Every action has consequences. If someone wants everything Capitol has to offer, they are going to have to be ready to push hard and take even harder shoves back.

An Unfortunate Violence

When a society exists where so many have their needs fulfilled, it is understandable that the unfortunates who have to do without – be it because of poverty, unemployment, or their own sad mistakes in life – would get the misguided idea that they are entitled to simply take what they have not earned. This is the vilest perversion of the rights Capitol bestows on all
its citizens, yet it is a depth many fall to in their most desperate moments.

The only thing others can do is be prepared to defend themselves against their own fellow humans. Just do not buy into the idea that “the best defence is a good offense”; it would not look good to start mowing down the poor or clingers-on just on the offchance they were considering a mugging. Let them at least reach for their weapons before unleashing.

Everyone is Packing

Of course, the proliferation of violence is not helped by the equal proliferation of weapons possession in Capitol. Practically anyone on the streets likely has at least one, if not half-a-dozen, blades and burners strapped to their hide. The woman taking her two kids grocery shopping? Unfolding machete tucked under her skirt. The businessman heading to a luncheon? Machine gun in his briefcase. While it is not like picking grenades off arsenal-trees, Capitol does have a much more streamlined method of bringing firepower to the masses. After all, if every citizen is expected to defend their right to freedom, they need the strength to do so. This, though, does leave room for the schmoes who make poor choices in life, and
whose perception of freedom clashes harshly with those around them.

Pack that much weaponry into a single crowded city and killing sprees are just waiting to happen. Everyone has an itchy trigger finger and is looking for an excuse to flex it before someone else beats them to it. More than one argument in a designer clothing boutique has devolved into a block-long shootout with every citizen for themselves!


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