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Capitol Corporation – Mutant Chronicles

Capitol Corporation – Mutant Chronicles

Capitol’s Heroic Legacy

Capitol’s history is a grand tale of heroes rising above the mud of the masses to forge a bright path through the darkness that threatens humanity. Anyone who chooses to ignore the battle Capitol has been embroiled in is either a fool or a Heretic. The fact is, throughout the centuries, Capitol has always been first and foremost when it comes to guiding humanity into greatness.

First to arrive on Luna and Mars, Capitol was first to give humanity its foothold among the stars. It was first to transform a world and mine the vastness of space. Not only that, but when treachery
reared its hideous head and unleashed evil upon the worlds, Capitol was the first to ally itself with the Brotherhood and lead the march against the Dark Symmetry, in all its forms.

Now Capitol holds firm in the face of even the worst terrors. With the Light to guide the people, no enemy will remain forever. With heroes of freedom leading the march, none can stand in Capitol’s way.

Capitol Government

A body is nothing without its head, and so Capitol has established a democratic institution to serve its citizens’ best interests. Democracy is the cornerstone of Capitol’s culture, for when people possess the ability to choose for themselves, it opens the doors wide for superior creativity and innovation – and for lasting peace. Capitol is a true manifestation of its citizens’ dreams, desires, and destinies. If someone does not like the way the votes are swaying, then they must shout louder and clearer, and rally those like in mind and spirit to their side until their agenda cannot be denied.

The President

The President is considered to hold the greatest amount of power within Capitol. As Chairman of the Board of Directors, the President oversees and has final say on all matters concerning corporate function, security, and financing. The President also manages the appointment of the various Directors to their Departments, including a Cartel representative.

During the Second Dark Legion War the current President is Charles William Colding, of Colding Arms, Inc. His impressive
charisma more than makes up for his unfortunately frail physical presence, and he has proven effective in boosting Capitol net production by 2.6% during his latest term. Each presidential term lasts six years, though much of the sixth year is devoted to re-election efforts rather than overseeing the Board. A citizen can hold up to three consecutive terms as President before legally being ineligible for another term. However, after one term of political inactivity, they can once more run for office.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for electing the President in the first place and, like any public officials, they take this duty extremely seriously. Every member of the Board comes from a distinct electoral district, and the weight his vote carries in any legislative affair is representative of the size of that district. It is then the President’s task to set various Directors to oversee various General Departments. Primary ones include the General Department of Defence and Expansion (DEDE) and the General Department of Education, Law Enforcement, and Justice (DELEJ).


From birth, every Capitol citizen possesses at least one personal share in Capitol stock. These shares can be bought or sold as
desired, but it is this share that allows everyone to participate in the voting process – electing a Director from their district to the Board in order to determine the ultimate fate of the presidency itself. The great inspiration of Capitolian government is that any citizen can run for election, and therefore anyone could become President.


Capitol thrives on the exchange of goods and services with other corporations, even those it is currently engaged in warfare or espionage with. Its citizens put in the effort and reap the rewards, as it should be. In the immortal words of Chairman Darrelmeyer, “Capitol is business. Business is Capitol.” As it is a free market, the opportunity for innovation and profits runs rampant, and Capitolians are marvels at providing the perfect product at the perfect price, meeting customer demand wherever it exists. At this time, Capitol is proud to note its production of goods is at least 20% more than Mishima, its closest competitor, and its materials and products are employed in almost every imaginable industry. Capitolians measure their success in three ways: riches, fame, and connections.


Capitol believes in the utmost sanctity of profitability. Some call Capitol decadent or shallow, but Capitolians think the naysayers are simply jealous. If a citizen possess real riches and only ever stashes it away or hands it over to some idiot with nothing more than swagger and a sword, what is the point? Wealth calls to wealth, and only by applying it will anyone further their efforts. The Capitol war machine is not run by wishful thinking. Neither is anyone going to feed themselves or climb the corporate ranks by wishing on a falling star. All the greatest ideas and plans can be laid out but, at the end of the day, if one lacks the dollars to back them up, they are worthless.


What is wealth without glory? Why would anyone ever wish to hide behind a curtain of anonymity or trudge through the streets wearing the same faces and clothes as everyone else? Every true Capitolian strives to distinguish himself – be it through skill, action, or brilliance. Renown translates into influence; just another form of power to secure a place in Capitol’s echelons. This has given rise to the pre-eminence of media-driven role models who represent the best of what Capitol has to offer. Their gifts, wielded well, can ensure nothing undermines the Capitolian spirit.


Making connections can mean the difference between being nothing and being known by everyone who matters. Just because Capitol reveres the idea of the lone wolf or self-made man, it does not meant concepts such as teamwork or camaraderie are lost on its citizens. Forming networks, making strong connections, and forging fearsome allies are all part of the effort. These people have information. They have resources. They have influence. All useful things when one wants to climb to the top.


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