Greetings to all, players of the CSS League. We have updated a couple of points of the rules after the comments and suggestions received by several players.

CSS League Rules update 1.1

Will I be able to register for the League at any time, even if a season had already begun?

Yes, the signing up will be always open. A player will be able to sign up/renew his/her participation in the League anytime during the season. Obviously, he/she will have fewer opportunities to be among the first three positions that seasons regarding other players who have played more games, but anything is possible!

Besides, don’t forget the painting prize and the monthly raffle among all players. In those cases, it doesn’t matter how soon or later you have joined the season, you will have the same opportunities as any other player!

What happens if in my area we are odd players?

At the beginning of a season, if the number of players from the same region or city is odd, the system will establish a two-week rotation turn to decide which player won’t be able to play on that occasion. Automatically, that player will earn a partial victory (5-0) in Primary Mission as a compensation.

If you find this situation in your playing region at the beginning of a season, we encourage you to find a new player to join the league as soon as possible, so your playing region is completed with an even number of opponents.

At the beginning of a season, if the number of players from the same region or city is even, new players will only be able to join the League provided that they don’t cause that the number of players in that region turns to be odd. In other words, if you want to participate in the League and there is an even number of players in your region, you will have to find another player to keep this balance.


Do not forget to visit the complete CSS League rules.