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Cybertronic Corporation Culture – Mutant Chronicles

Cybertronic Corporation Culture – Mutant Chronicles


Cybertronic Culture

Cybertronic is not like other corporations. Where the direction of a company can often be seen to follow the vision of its executives, Cybertronic makes decisions more like a hive mind. Its entire structure is not unlike that of a wasps’ nest with cells sectioned off from others, yet all the while the work somehow gets done. The Board is nominally in charge, but no one has ever seen them.

Secrecy is the Cybertronic way. The company constantly surprises with new releases, technological innovations and acquisitions. Often employees of smaller companies find themselves having been absorbed a month before without realising it. The degree to which such actions are possible to keep secret would have previously been thought impossible. Not so for Cybertronic. It functions like a single unit and with the discipline of an army. Few employees think to reveal their secrets or live to tell them.

Constantly moving, Cybertronic is like the shark of old Earth. It is a predator in an ocean of slower, more static prey. Actively acquiring pre-Fall tech seems just as important as the vast recruitment of top executives from other corporations. Cybertronic takes what it wants, and it matters little from whom it takes it.

Nevertheless, such naked aggression is tempered by uncontested success and a PR machine second to none. Some say this is due more to the intel Cybertronic has on important people, kept as blackmail against any overt actions against Cybertronic. The public, by and large, welcome the new products and the promise of a return to the technological glory days so long lost. With the vast masses of eager consumers on their side, it is difficult for anyone to upend the goodwill that washes over the company. Yet goodwill can be fickle, and it is a foolish corporation that is not prepared for a backlash. Cybertronic has risen quickly. It would be well reminded that it could fall equally fast.

To be a cyber is to become a cypher. At the highest levels of the company, your life is truly no longer your own. The chasseurs and curaissiers, with their mirror-finished chrome armour, serve as a metaphor: what you see in Cybertronic is a reflection of yourself. The company itself is an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in the circuitry of our species’ ancient dreams as toolmakers.

Cybertronic Real Estate Holdings

The vast holdings of Cybertronic cannot be readily summed up in a short précis. However, below you will find some of the jewels in their crown.

The Tower

Located in Luna, Cybertronic Tower – known simply as ‘The Tower’ – is a gigantic stele sheathed in mirrored steel. Looming above the city, the Tower casts no shadow. Light is caught by one side and filtered through the other. No doubt the display of such technology is a PR coup for the company.

Surrounding The Tower is a moat, recalling ancient earth defences and the single nod to anything not on the cutting edge of technology you will find on the outside, or readily accessible inside, of The Tower. Once past the moat, visitors will find a single chrome pyramid suspended by magnetism over a crystal clear pond. Beyond the fountain lies a thirty foot tall entrance designed to elicit awe in the visitor.

Inside, the very walls are alive. Black and glossy, they leap to life with commercials, propaganda and virtual guides. The atrium raises some thirty stories into the vanishing point. Plants and fountains litter the main lobby, but there is curious, cold logic to their placement, as if the natural world was not Cybertronic’s forte.

Those entering The Tower are constantly monitored without their knowledge. The hulking Mirrormen present throughout the ten accessible levels give pause to anyone thinking of causing a stir. Past the first ten levels, only Cybertronic employees may pass. Visitors must, of course, have a pass, and are fitted with a temporary tracking device. Employees often refer to The Tower as The Monolith, though no one knows why. It is said that on the top twelve floors, the marble tile is inlaid with ten ancient Earth religious symbols. From what culture, or what they look like, is unknown.


A closed city on Mars, Cyberopolis is a self-sustaining ecology. The city provides everything its citizens need from power to food. The city is not accessible by the public in any way. Visitors are simply not permitted. If you live in Cyberopolis, you never know anyone outside. You live and die within the geodesic dome that encloses the city. Who can say what kind of life those inside lead?

Ganymede Base

An isolated research facility located on this Jovian moon, Ganymede Base is home to several theories. The techs that come here are all mind-wiped going in and going out, so no reliable intelligence is available. Conjecture alone has outlined the purpose of the facility. Some say it covers a citadel of one of the Apostles. Others suggest radical cloning experiments are going on there. Still others claim that the base was built over an ancient city that Cybertronic is now plundering for pre-Fall treasures. As is often the case with Cybertronic, the truth remains elusive.

Ceres Base

Located on the asteroid of the same name, Ceres Base is the location where The Immortal was discovered. The mission that
recovered him seems to have had no other intent, suggesting the corporation gained ancient intelligence in order to find him. The current base is widely believed to be recovering further pre-Fall artefacts from the asteroid. The base is well guarded and, thus far, unpenetrated by outside agents.


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