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Cybertronic Corporation Diplomacy – Mutant Chronicles

Cybertronic Corporation Diplomacy – Mutant Chronicles


Cybertronic Diplomacy

As the new kid on the block, Cybertronic has made few friends. Viewed as an upstart at best, the other corporations and factions look on Cybertronic warily. Cybertronic, for its part, seems immune to the treatment. However, over the course of its relatively brief history, general tendencies in dealing with the other major players have become apparent. Below is an aggregate of analysts’ best guesses at what official Cybertronic policy looks like regarding each faction.


Of all the corporations, Cybertronic has the least respect for Mishima. At last year’s Cartel Conference on Advertising, a Cybertronic manager declined to stand and give fealty to the Overlord as befits tradition. The incident quickly escalated into a firefight, and Cybertronic chasseurs arrived on scene. The entire facility was destroyed. Relations between the two corporations have been understandably cold since.

Cybertronic functions on the cusp of what is possible. Mishima, steeped in tradition and respect for the past, represents the opposite of that corporate philosophy. If Cybertronic is “The Future of
Mankind”, it views Mishima as the venerable, senile past.


On Founding Day, Capitol lost the fewest personnel and properties to Cybertronic. As such, it was not as immediately resentful of the new corporation. Capitol’s pursuit of profit above all else allows little room for lasting enmity. Cybertronic, for its part, seems fine with this relationship. Ironically, Dr. Simon Sullivan, formerly of Capitol, first put forth a controversial theory regarding corporate defections to Cybertronic. His theory suggests a memetic mind virus infects those who leave their parent corporation for Cybertronic. Dr. Sullivan, not long after voicing his theory, defected to Cybertronic himself.

Such defections notwithstanding, relations between Cybertronic and Capitol are neutral and sometimes even friendly. As everyone knows, however, the smart enemy approaches you with a smile. Cybertronic maintains its side of relations with Capitol, and trade between the two is open. Whether Cybertronic sees Capitol as kindred spirit – both having risen from nothing – is not certain, but Cybertronic certainly seems to favour it over other rivals.


On Founding Day, Clan St. John-Ross, almost to a man, defected to Cybertronic. The clan’s holdings on Luna currently comprise a significant portion of Cybertronic’s HQ. As if this was not enough, Imperial likewise lost billions to the Cybertronic stock frenzy. It is no wonder that Imperial is the vocal and constant enemy of Cybertronic.

Imperial employs a total trade embargo with Cybertronic. Given the long and violent history of the corporations, such embargoes would seem common. They are not. The length and animosity of this embargo is as unique in corporate history as the rise of Cybertronic itself. What lies behind this hate? Simply put – Imperial is convinced that Cybertronic is a front organisation for the Dark Apostles.

Cybertronic dismisses this as foolish paranoia publicly, but its PR machine has done little to actively refute specifics. Instead, it paints such theories as madness and those who peddle them as sad and confused. Thus far, the strategy has largely worked. While many are suspicious, profits have not been harmed. One wonders if Cybertronic might not actively encourage such rumours. If so, what might they be hiding? What secret could be greater or more terrible than being in league with The Dark Symmetry?

The Cartel

Cybertronic was eager, even jingoistic, in its submission of troops to fight the Dark Legion in the last war. Those troops matched even the best the Blood Berets had to offer, and their effort was not forgotten. The Cartel was happy to accept this much needed addition to the Doomtrooper’s fight, and has publicly stated so.

Privately, the Cartel remain suspicious of Cybertronic. The corporation’s influence at the Security Council remains strong, but its influence is sandbagged elsewhere. The Cartel remains unconvinced of Cybertronic’s commitment of loyalty and actively spies on them.

Cybertronic is alleged to be using its technological resources to not only spy on the Cartel, but to gain powerful influence over Cartel executives. The result is a kind of Cold War between the two entities, a war of the shadows where information and influence are more valuable than any flag planted on a field of battle. The Cartel is accustomed to having its Doomtroopers and internal intelligence as leverage against others. With Cybertronic, it may have met its match.


Cybertronic took more new employees from Bauhaus than any other corporation. Given that Cybertronic began as a Bauhaus
offshoot, this is not surprising. What is surprising is the continual defection of Bauhaus corporate executives to this day – even to the point of their actively seeking recruitment.

Cybertronic’s commitment to excellence continues to fuel respect from Bauhaus. The two corporations maintain friendly relations. The relationship is symbiotic. Bauhaus supplies the vast majority of raw materials Cybertronic needs, while Bauhaus receives technological products from Cybertronic. This allows Bauhaus a privileged position when it comes to technological superiority over all other corporations, other than Cybertronic itself.

In return for this, Bauhaus often acts as a puppet in the Cartel to push Cybertronic agendas. This had led some to believe the
two corporations are more closely, and possibly illegally, tied than most realise.

Yet all is not rosy behind closed doors. Bauhaus takes Cybertronic seriously as a threat, and higher ups believe previous Bauhaus executives may have been responsible for Founding Day. These two outwardly friendly corporations still maintain a great rivalry where the unvarnished, spin free worlds of espionage and business meet.

Cybertronic does not consider Bauhaus an equal threat, believing it has its rival well in hand. Whether this is official policy or a mere ploy on the part of Cybertronic is unclear.

The Brotherhood

Cybertronic’s pursuit of pre-Fall technology and human cybernetic enhancement are too much for The Brotherhood. At the
same time, Cybertronic has a devoted following of consumers and cybernetically enhanced humans. To openly war with Cybertronic, whether theologically or conventionally, could lead to a system-wide civil war.

This is not to say that The Brotherhood does not pursue all clandestine options available to it. Its enmity for what Cybertronic
represents is well known. Curiously, Cybertronic is unconcerned by this dogma despite the vast numbers who listen to the Cardinal’s gospel.

The Dark Legion

None can say what moves the inhuman minds of these monsters, but thus far they have not had success infecting Cybertronic to the degree they have other corporations. This only serves to bolster theories that the two are somehow in league. The truth has yet to be revealed. Once it is, the true nature of the corporation may become clear.

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