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Cybertronic Corporation Personalities – Mutant Chronicles

Cybertronic Corporation Personalities – Mutant Chronicles


Corporate Personalities

While Cybertronic is perhaps the most secretive of all the corporations, even it has well known figures within its structure. Curiously, the very top level executives remain unknown.

Sam Veranase

The head of the PR division of ETP, Veranase is a master spin doctor. His blond hair, square jaw, and good looks have given him the nickname “the four colour hero” based on ancient Earth entertainment known as comic books. He’s slick, never without a glib line, and a professional liar. The worst part is he’s naturally charismatic… or perhaps not so naturally. Speculation runs from Veranase being a series of clones to an advanced AI running a SARaH in the brain of the former actor. In any case, you will not find a more charming, congenial, and good-looking man. Don’t turn your back on him.

Dr. Atticus Jamf

Formerly the foremost R&D man at Bauhaus, Dr. Jamf was recruited by Cybertronic. Recruited is perhaps a euphemism, as Dr. Jamf was abducted from a Bauhaus facility during a corporate extraction. It is arguable whether Dr. Jamf helped engineer the defection or not. Regardless, he seems happy in his current position and frequently appears in commercials and PR with Sam Veranase.

At Bauhaus, what Dr. Jamf was working on is said to have been of vital interest to Cybertronic’s current projects, but as Bauhaus has been unable to replicate anything like the new Cybertronic chip and logic gate, this seems unlikely. While Jamf is a brilliant mind in the field of pre-Fall technology, Cybertronic already had plenty of leaders in that field. Its motive in acquiring Jamf is still unknown.

Vince Diamond

The chasseur has become something of a celebrity through Cybertronic entertainment and subreality sim-stim. Vince Diamond is, according to Cybertronic, the future of the human-machine soldier. Aware that The Brotherhood’s stance on much of its augmentation is seen as heretical, Cybertronic has gone to great lengths to “humanise” the inherently inhuman. Vince Diamond is the poster boy for that project. A lean, mean killing machine, he is also likeable, quirky, and possesses the ego of a sports star.

The well-to-do can run recordings of his “actual” combat missions on subreality, while children all over are familiar with his exploits. Vince Diamond action figures have been a hit for many years. Vince himself may be more or less than he appears. His persona is no doubt carefully crafted by Veranase and others.

Dr. Diana

Dr. Diana is not a single individual but a series of clone field medics. Appearing as a beautiful, dark haired woman, her looks are the only soft thing about her. Dr. Dianas are not known for their bedside manner, but they are known for their proficiency in fixing wounds that would otherwise surely be fatal.

The Dr. Diana program is cloaked in secrecy. How they are cloned and given sentience – if indeed they possess it – is unknown. Intel confirms that the cybernetic integrations in Cybertronic soldiers help facilitate Dr. Diana’s tasks. Where another corporate solider might need anaesthetic and antibiotics to remove a limb, Diana can tap into a Cybertronic soldier’s systems and turn off pain receptors while boosting his immune system. Dr. Diana has a field success rate impossible for mere human surgeons.

The Immortal

The Immortal is a cybernetic warrior lost during the Venusian Crusade. Recovered by Cybertronic, The Immortal is a soldier from aeons past. None remember the small Freelancer corporation for which he worked, but it is clear they specialised in technological enhancement of the human body – much like Cybertronic.

Naturally, the connection is not coincidental. What Cybertronic recovered from the Immortal must necessarily serve as the foundation of its edge. Further, The Immortal is said to be one of the corporation’s founders. He may even remain on The board. Legends surround his exploits during the Venusian Crusade and the long, dark gulfs of time he survived since. What is he? Who is he? Few can say, but he is very near the centre of Cybertronic’s success. There are few soldiers who would want to get close enough to him to find out more.

Goals and Projects

For a corporation shrouded in secrecy, assessing its current direction can be difficult. While Cybertronic’s multiple lines of products suggest some of its current technological focus, the Cartel can only speculate about its ultimate goals. Technology is at the forefront of everything Cybertronic does, and this has caused it to fall under suspicion from The Brotherhood as well as the Cartel. Internal documents, forecasts by independent organisations, and market analysis have yielded the following projects as being of the highest priority.

The Augmentation and Evolution of the Human Species

Cybertronic’s motto, ‘The Future of Mankind’, says it all. The company is dedicated to the constant improvement of its cybernetic gear. This equipment sets the company and its personnel apart. Every employee is equipped with a brain interface of varying capabilities, which wires them directly into subreality as necessary.

Soldiers of Cybertronic are equipped with the latest combat enhancements, making them among the most feared in the corporate armies. Not only are reflexes and strength enhanced, but brain interfaces allow the instantaneous delivery of strategy, reconnaissance, and battlespace conditions.

It is suspected that all of the above only hint at the true goal of Cybertronic’s enhancement projects: the evolution of the human species. Where companies like Mishima are rumoured to be conducting genetic experiments on Venus, Cybertronic seems to have gone in the opposite direction. Its fusion of man and machine is alarming to some and inspirational to others. Yet everyone knows how The Dark Symmetry infiltrated pre-Fall AIs. Such uses in the human brain would seem only to open Cybertronic employees to corruption by dark forces. Still, no evidence of such corruption has been found. In fact, there is less infiltration in Cybertronic than anywhere else.

The PR department, via Sam Vernase, has been very vocal about Cybertronic’s motto as being more of an ad slogan than a prescription for the human species. Detractors do not agree, and the Cartel carefully monitors cybernetic enhancements. The difficulty, of course, is trying to surveil a corporation whose security and technological capabilities exceed all others. Among Cartel analysts it is generally agreed that a larger operation is at work to push humanity toward a new evolutionary track. The purpose behind this is unknown, but is a cause for great concern.


What started as the internal virtual reality used by Cybertronic employees in The Tower has, in recent years, gone into consumer production. Wealthy early adopters are already wearing subreality units and experiencing the entertainment to be found inside worlds undreamt of. While current units are prohibitively expensive, plans are being made to build cheaper units that will appeal to the masses.

Given Cybertronic’s known employee dependence on certain drugs that enhance performance, this new form of entertainment is cause for concern. While users of subreality claim it is the best entertainment they’ve ever experienced, The Brotherhood is wary that widespread use could weaken and corrupt the minds of the youth toward possible influence by The Dark Symmetry.

Sam Varanase has been quick and consistent in his dismissal of such allegations as “The same sort of thing the older generation has already been suspect of”. One can hardly argue with sales. The Cybertronic Subreality Module has been selling amazingly well for the past four quarters, and the anticipated roll-out of a consumer grade version has seen its stock rise. While it may be nothing more than the entertainment device Cybertronic peddles it as, the Cartel remains concerned that the true nature of subreality has yet to be revealed.

Recovery of Pre-Fall Technology

The basis of all Cybertronic’s technological innovation is believed to be the reverse engineering of technology that predates, and in some cases helped usher in, The Fall. Throughout the solar system, Cybertronic archaeologists and spies seek out storehouses of such lost technology. It is upon the shoulders of its predecessors that Cybertronic now stands.

Excavations, both secret and otherwise, are currently in operation on most human inhabited worlds. It is even believed that
Cybertronic agents may be searching Earth for such technology. In any event, the pursuit of lost technology is a top priority for Cybertronic. Its recovery teams are no mere scientists though, as engagements with them by rival corporations have proven. These are lethal, trained soldiers as well as academics.

The speed with which such technology has been not only recovered but reimplemented is alarming. It was, after all, the weakness of these machines, as well as man’s reliance on them, which nearly brought about mankind’s demise. What perverse purpose could a corporation have for re-opening this bottle and loosing its genie? Is mere profit and materialistic conquest their end, or is there something darker and more arcane behind Cybertronic?

Artificial Intelligence

Of all the technological wonders Cybertronic offers, none are as impressive, or as disconcerting, as its new artificial intelligences. It was the betrayal of the AIs that led to the loss of the high technology of ancient times. Now Cybertronic has reintroduced the very engineers of that defeat though, to its credit, none have shown any predilection for corruption.

Current AI is divided into three subtypes. The first two are integrated with the human mind and/or cybernetics, while the third is autonomous. Part of the success of Cybertronic’s new AIs seem to lie in the way in which the corporation treats them. No longer are they the slaves of mankind, but have become instead its partners. While this has, for the time being, seemed to prevent any corruption, what might come from free willed AI should they decide mankind are not their partners but their enemies?

SARaH – Semi-Autonomous Advanced Reaction Heuristics

Wired directly into the spinal column of certain Cybertronic employees, the host no longer adapts to the implant, but instead
the implant becomes an integrated part of the person. This is accomplished through proprietary technology known as the Central Spinal Trunk, or CST. The CST is the foundation of all advanced integrated AI and cybernetics. In layman’s terms, Cybertronic is wiring AIs directly into the human nervous system.

SARaHs grew out of cybernetic limb replacement technologies, but have become something much more. The wiring and logic gates needed to replace a limb pale in intelligence compared to a SARaH. The current generation of SARaHs are based on recovered pre-Fall technology but have been enhanced. A SARaH serves the role of personal secretary, keeper of secrets, paramedic, and security system. A SARaH can alert the authorities if you are in danger, implement first aid immediately by using your own body’s systems and related cybernetics, as well as record all sensory information and then wipe it from the SARaH core at the end of each night. Having a SARaH is like having a friend who lives inside you. In times of emergency, SARaH can even move you autonomously out of danger if your mind is incapacitated. Approximately 2% of Luna citizens have already applied for a SARaH implantation.

DIANA – Directly Integrated Neural Architecture

A DIANA is the next step up from a SARaH. Implantation of a DIANA requires removal of actual brain tissue. The amount necessary is a closely guarded Cybertronic secret. As yet, DIANAs are not available to the public.

Where SARaH is an assistant who can record your life, DIANAs are like having another entity sharing your brain with you. Cybertronic considers the host and the DIANA separate employees. A DIANA can be programmed with specialty skills the host would not otherwise possess. They have their own personas and base of knowledge and are rumoured to be directly linked to The Board. This has not been confirmed.

DIANAs are fully sentient beings. Unlike SARaHs, which mimic sentience, DIANAs actually are self aware. Having a DIANA is like having a split personality. Reports of Acquired Personality Bifurcation have been collected but not confirmed. It appears that in some cases the host is unable to absorb the alien intelligence into his psyche and a psychotic breakdown results. This has led to speculation that some DIANAs have tried to assert dominance over their hosts. As with most things Cybertronic, none of this has been confirmed and remains in the realm of conjecture.

As sentient creatures, DIANAs are a growing concern for the Cartel and rival corporations. Ultimately who, if anyone, are their masters? If they truly are free willed, who can say whether they may align themselves with The Dark Symmetry if given the chance? They should be treated as a new life form. It is not known how they will evolve, or what they will want when they do.

XANDER – Acronym Unknown

XANDER is an AI that can only be inferred via reports and intelligence collection. What is consistently mentioned in various reports suggest the XANDER is a very experimental AI reserved for top level Cybertronic executives. XANDERs appear to report, or be linked directly, to The Board. The capabilities of a XANDER are unknown, but must be assumed to be greater than a DIANA.

Intelligence analysts have suggested that XANDERs may in fact be some sort of hive mind. As a distributed entity across an unknown number of executive minds, the true capabilities would be unknowable to outside parties. It is even possible that the XANDER implant may replace the host persona given Cybertronic’s liberal use of mind wiping and mnemonic erasure techniques.


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