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Moin from Germany
« on: November 12, 2018, 02:55:43 PM »

This games universe and how I found it
I recently got into the Mutant Chronicles RPG and I also watched the Mutant Chronicles movie from 2008. I liked both that much that I decided to start the Warzone Resurrection tabletop. I have chosen Brotherhood as my faction. Also as I think there will be a longer winter for the Warzone Resurrection tabletop I bought some Bauhaus as well to have a second faction to demo the game to friends. A friend of mine jumped on, I watched the movie with him, and he is painting his Imperials at the moment. I have no illusions that this game will grow in my region to the player numbers that other tabletops reached here like the Games Workshop ones or Infinity. That's ok to me as long as I'm able to play a entertaining games with good, balanced rules with friends. I'm looking forward to my first game(s), which should be soon as my Brotherhood Starter is almost completely painted.  :)

About me
I'm 35 right now and I'm playing role-playing and tabletop games for ~20 years now. I live in the northern part of Germany. We say Moin here to greet people no matter which time of the day it is. Also Moin means "How are you" as well. While my day job is more on the serious, logical side of things, I'm a geek, a metal music lover and a gamer at night and in my other spare time. I love to build and paint and I'm especially known for my poor dice roles upon my friends. Sometimes my dice roles are photographed by my opponents, because they can't believe what they see. I "found" this forum because Alfie mailed me the link. I found Alfie through his YouTube Videos about the game and I really liked the content on his YouTube Channel The Warzone Chronicles.

  • • Prior to Alfies mail I had no luck googling for a forum about this. Maybe it's just me? I think the community here should grow to survive the long Warzone Resurrection tabletop winter, that's why it would be good if this forum would be easy to find upon searching the internet. Maybe a little Search engine optimization could help here?
  • • I needed more than one try to register and I felt like a longer time till my account was manually activated, which only happened upon my second try. That is understandable, but if I hadn't decided to register again I would still be waiting for my first registration to be activated. Maybe it's just me? Or is there something wrong in the system?
  • • I guess it is rather tough to grow a forum these days as forums appear slightly out of date. But I'm glad that not everybody thinks this way, as social media is not an alternative for everybody and should be used carefully. On all other places on the internet that I found there was nobody actively writing about Warzone Resurrection. That's a bad sign for the game. Are there any ideas on how to spread the word to get more people to participate here?

Kind Regards
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Re: Moin from Germany
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2018, 09:24:54 AM »
Hi, teQuilamaN. Welcome to the forum!

Thanks for your lovely post and your mention. I appreciate it.

It seems you're in a very similar situation to me, with only a few friends to play with. However, I would encourage you to keep trying to do demos and promote the game as I'm starting to see results where I live I might be able to start expanding the community a little bit.

Anyhow, welcome again and feel free to ask any questions.

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