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Imperial Corporation Military – Mutant Chronicles

Imperial Corporation Military – Mutant Chronicles


Imperial Corporation Military

Imperial does not have the vast military power of Capitol, Bauhaus, or to a lesser extent Mishima. Instead, rather than focusing on quantity, Imperial is committed to quality. In this way it has risen above its natural tendency towards Clan patronage, and all swear allegiance to the Imperial Parliament and the Serenity. The Imperial military is divided into two branches: The Imperial Defence Forces (IDF) and the Imperial Special Forces (ISF).

Officers & Gentlemen

There are three essential requirements to join the commissioned officer cadre of Imperial: loyalty, skill, and boldness.

Breeding is not a limitation, though many Clan nobles are expected to serve and are trained from a young age in battlefield tactics, military strategy, and diplomacy to ensure they pass the strict entrance exams. Any Imperial citizen may apply for officer school, and regardless of their background every officer is expected to be a gentleman or gentlewoman.

By edict of Parliament, all officers must face trial by fire before they are allowed to command alone in the field. In its earliest days, Imperial learned the hard way that ability on paper did not equal ability in the field, and suffered many costly setbacks at the hands of inept noble officers. To address this problem, Parliament instituted a system of patronage where senior experienced officers would take junior officers under their wing to supervise and complete their training, and take some measure of responsibility in their future performance.

It is a very serious bond, as the mentor’s honour is inextricably tied to the performance of his protégé.

Working closely with the officer cadre, the Imperial non-commissioned officers (NCOs) are promoted from the ranks based on ability, experience, and esprit-de-corps. It is made explicit to all commissioned officers at an early stage that their Corporals and Sergeants are the backbone of the Imperial military, and a wise officer leaves the executive management of the unit to them. Over time most officers come to rely on their NCO’s tactical opinions, while they in turn respect the officer’s understanding of the wider strategic situation. This relationship creates highly-motivated and competent NCOs who are loyal to the core.

The Imperial Defence Forces (IDF)

The men and women of the Imperial Defence Forces form the regular army. Their primary role is safeguarding Imperial facilities and assets, and providing security for transport or corporate officials. Far smaller than the comparable forces of, say, Capitol or Bauhaus, the IDF relies on mobility and concentration of force, whether that be in firepower, armour, or just plain numbers at that particular moment.

The IDF are subdivided into three branches: The Imperial Army, The Imperial Navy and Her Serenity’s Imperial Air Force. Many of the Clans retain their own additional household guard, and in times of high stress these are mobilized as the Imperial Reserve.

The Imperial Special Forces (ISF)

However motivated and brave the regular forces of the IDF are, there are many situations which require a more specialized skillset. This is where the Imperial Special Forces come in. Given highly specialized training they are hand-picked from the regular corps for very specific combat or mission types, such as Venusian jungle training, deep space operations, commando operations, or elite security forces.

Each unit in the Imperial Special Forces has its own distinct identity and culture, and many recruit only from specific locations or Clans. The most famous of these are the Blood Berets, Golden Lions, Highland Clan Warriors, and Wolfbanes.

Whatever their origins, one rule remains steadfast: when a soldier transfers from the regular army to the Imperial Special Forces they lose their seniority and rank and have to start again either as a Private or a junior officer at their starting pay. Despite this, there is never any shortage of volunteers. The honour and pride that comes from serving with one of these legendary units more than outweighs any career loss.

The Imperial Security Command (ISC)

ISC Gendarmerie

The Imperial Security Command Citizen Patrols, known simply as ‘the Gendarmerie’, are the uniformed law enforcement patrol officers and security service of the Imperial Corporation. Considered by many to be little more than glorified security guards, the Gendarmes are the public face of security in all civilian Imperial districts and facilities.

The Gendarmes are lightly armed with semi-automatic handguns, are unarmoured, and patrol in pairs. They are not authorized to carry out actual investigations. Under-equipped, the Gendarmes are nonetheless usually enthusiastic and well turned out – more than likely hoping to get a promotion to one of the other ISC divisions.

Murders & Acquisitions Department (ISC-5)

Officially known as ‘Mergers & Acquisitions’, everyone refers to the division as ‘Murders & Acquisitions’ or simply ‘MAD’. MAD is tasked with field operations, sabotage, and espionage against other corporations. Its job is to find promising subdivisions, or freelance corporations, and acquire them through means both fair and foul. A typical MAD agent is a
worrisome combination of accountant and assassin: cold, ruthless, and meticulous in both violence and paperwork.

The Serenity’s Guard (ISC-9)

The official ceremonial guard of the Serenity, over time The Serenity’s Guard has taken on an internal surveillance position: that of keeping an eye on the Clans. Operating in two complementary roles, its members are masters of observation and investigation. In their formal ceremonial dress uniform they are usually completely ignored by Clan nobles and considered part of the scenery. They listen in on supposedly private conversations. When out of uniform they are masters of stealth and surveillance, able to take on a variety of guises to continue their surveillance of key Clan nobles. Of course, as the personal guard of the Serenity and having been recruited from the Special Forces, they are all masterful fighters.

Juniper (ISC-20)

Juniper is an ostensibly off the books kick murder squad tasked with disrupting the operations of one corporation in particular: Cybertronic. Ever since Cybertronic appeared on the scene, Imperial has made it its mission to attack, threaten, and accuse Cybertronic personnel of heresy. The scuttlebutt in Parliament is that Imperial dislikes having its status as underdog challenged, and also fears the technological edge that Cybertronic has, which could drastically undermine sales of Imperial’s high end artisan equipment. Juniper agents all have reason to hate Cybertronic, are technologically savvy, and enjoy the freedom of being corporate sponsored terrorists. Officially denied and unofficially used to threaten, the Juniper division has more than its fair share of heresy.

The Foxhounds (ISC-22)

The Foxhounds are the special strike force of the ISC combining highly trained agents as animal handlers with robotic Iron Mastiffs. They often work closely with ISC-2 Personal Protection and ISC-10 Special Installation Security. The Foxhounds are primarily an intimidation unit, and are frequently called out to potential riots as the sight of a pack of Iron Mastiffs and their fearsome jaws often calms the quickest tempers.

The Yard (ISC-25)

The men and women of The Yard are the plain-clothed detectives of the Gendarmerie tasked with investigating crimes or following up on an incident involving the Gendarme. Since the return of the Dark Legion they have taken on an additional role: that of rooting out Dark Legion assets throughout the corporation. Yard detectives are famed for their world-weary attitude, a predilection for tea, and a dogged investigative technique that relies less on technology and more on kicking in doors, leaning on informants, and the occasional bout of making the evidence fit the crime.

Imperial Conquistadors

Investigators, spies, soldiers, entrepreneurs, and explorers; the Imperial Conquistadors are unique in Imperial service. Almost
entirely composed of Clan nobles, the Conquistadors are officially a numberless sub-division of the ISC, but they report directly to Parliament. Their remit is simple: expanding the power of Imperial. They establish new colonies, explore unknown moons, assess potential new acquisitions of land or businesses for Imperial, and steal the research of rival corporations.

In addition to requisitioning resources and assets from the Imperial corporate divisions, the Conquistadors are able to call on resources from the Imperial Defence Forces, Imperial Specials Forces, and Imperial Security Command to achieve their missions.

Though glamorous, the Conquistadors are considered by many within the Imperial administration to be loose cannons that will get Imperial into serious trouble. But even the naysayers had no idea what the consequences would be when the Conquistadors set foot on Nero.


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