flag Dark Legion
Base planet: Nero
Lord: The Dark Soul
Captain: VACANCY!!
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David "Davec"

39 year old
Czechia, Brno

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As humanity reels from this new stage in the war against the Darkness, great ships – seeds of what will become known as Dark Citadels – appear above the worlds of the Inner System, slamming down into them to rise above the landscape like jagged, rotten teeth. From these Dark Citadels, the armies of the Dark Legion pour forth. Creatures of nightmare, their weapons and magic destroy everything in their path as they attack with diabolical fury.

Many of the creatures of the Dark Legion are souls that have been corrupted, twisted, and enslaved by the Dark Symmetry and its technology. Some are more willing creatures from dimensions of pain and war who allow the Symmetry to take them. In a sense, all are part of the Dark Soul, infused with its power and influence.

Club Matches Primary Missions Secondary Objectives Faction Objetives Kills Deaths Wins
dark legion logo The Dark Legion 6 60 20 N/A 3931 2420 5
flag Czechia, Brno
Asteroid Belt (Victoria)

“Do you know why I do not see the Dark Legion and its Apostles as a perversity, unnaturality and least of all a menace to the humanity? As it is only a mirror which the universe sets in front of us.

The Apostles themselves are only the materialization of all that drives a man on and brings progression. Ilian brings dreams, Muawijhe fear, Semai desire, Algeroth war and Demnogonis brings diseases. All of which the humanity has been fighting since its origins and is accustomed to. They are integral components of what makes a man!

Do you know what I really fear? The appearance of the Apostles of mercy, humility and love to fellows. The Apostles of stagnacy. That would be a real menace
to the humanity…”

From the testimony of Lucas Werner
The ways of heresy
ThDr. Rosenbaum et al., Inquisitorial Bibliotheca,
Holy Dome, Luna


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