Season 1 Paintwork Special Prize

How are you warzoners? The time to reveal the winner of the Paintwork Special Prize has come. We have had excellent contestants, who have demonstrated a high level. Congratulations to all!

First of all, we remember the award:

Season’s Paintwork Special Prize: Warzone Resurrection stuff (or from Prodos Games catalog) of his choice up to € 15.

And the winner is…

Álvaro “Athalward” with his magnificent army of Bauhaus.

Alvaro “Athalward”

Here, you can see their games to appreciate the miniatures in to the battle.

Jan 2018: Alvaro “Athalward” vs Manu “Boreno”

Jan 2018: David “Murias” vs Alvaro “Athalward”

Mar 2018: Alvaro “Athalward” vs. Manu “Boreno”

And here, some photos taken with more care to appreciate his excellent work.


We are waiting for you with more prizes and gifts in the next season!!!