The 13th Executive (Cybertronic) vs. Zelda (Brotherhood)

CSS League. Season 1. Month 1. Fortnight 1.

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Colonel Sykes was sitting at his desk, checking some recent Troop Deployment Reports on Mercury. The holdings Cybertronic had recently acquired there in exchange of some technological designs for new Mishima’s vehicle development, needed to be protected straight away. Providing security measures to Cybertronic factories, laboratories and new holdings for Cybertronic RDM (Research, Development and Manufacturing) was his main task as a high officer for Cybertronic SWI (Security, Warfare and Intelligence). Then, the intercom on his desk buzzed…

– My colonel?
– Yes, Miss Grüber.
– Incoming emergency report.
– I’m busy. Send it to my inbox queue.
– Sorry sir, it’s not a holographic report. The agent waits outside.

This was totally uncommon. Agent reports were usually sent via Safe Cyberlink in order not to put at risk those agent’s covers. But that entails some reporting delay. If the agent had taken the risk to report in person, it had to be really urgent.

– Agent ID? – asked Sykes though the intercom.
– DMX-58647.
– Send him in, at once!

Colonel Sykes was a bit worried then. He knew this man, someone to be trusted. A “Diamond Program” undercover agent:

– Antares, what’s brings you here? It’s a huge risk you will be able to justify, won’t you?
– Yes, my colonel. I suspect my Link has been corrupted or tapped; I couldn’t assure the secrecy for this report otherwise. A Brotherhood Task Force is expected to be deployed immediately against Cybertronic interest. ETA: 16 hours 32 minutes.
– Task Force’s target?
– RDM Laboratory. Facility RDM0017/4CX. Ceres.

Ceres, a main “Cluster-World” for Cybertronic, houses the Corporation’s core industrial base. Many research and secret projects are worked on there too.

– Objective and Intelligence Report?
– They captured agent INT-46JK. An Inquisitor Majoris, Luxor, eventually broke him down. They’re behind some Anti-Symmetry Research. They know some Defensive Forces have been moved to other areas recently attacked by Imperials from Victoria. They’ll try to seize the moment.
– We must protect that facility. They don’t even know, but there is something more important down there… – Sykes frowned.
– What is it, sir? – Antares asked.
– Your Security Level is too low.
– Excuse me, sir. But I’m a Diamond agent, sir.
– Your Security Level is ‘still’ too low.

Agent Antares shivered at the tone of this sentence.

– Any further details must be left to Miss Grüber outside. Thanks for your report, DMX-58647 – said Colonel Sykes dismissing his agent with a freezing gaze.
– Mercury’s holdings are not so urgent to protect now- Sykes thought.


Inquisitor Majoris Luxor was forcing the spaceship to reach Ceres as fast as possible. He knew the information he pulled out himself from that Cybertronic Agent was fresh. One year of investigations, 4 Inquisitors full-time efforts were eventually fruitful. He even suspected that there were more Agents between them… at the very heart of their pious organization.
His only option was to gather quickly the forces he had at hand, and try to get whatever was hidden below the surface in that rock far away, in the cold Asteroid Belt. His Task Force was made up of: part of a huge Visionaries Division, some Troopers, and his personal Inquisitors Guard. As a final reinforcement he got a couple of Judicator Battlewalkers. Orbital Intelligence didn’t show up any Cybertronic Troops on the area, but everybody knew the Cybers have drilled deeply all their asteroids and can move troops and supplies unnoticed below the surface rather quickly. He didn’t know what he was about to face, but did his best to ready his forces.

His friend Ava Jasco was a real gift. He didn’t send her a word but when they reached the Port Light Spaceport, near Luna’s Cathedral, she was waiting for them there with her famed Mephisto Sniper Rifle over her shoulder and sitting between both Judicators, ready to travel.

– Ava, what are you doing here?
– The Light brought me to you. You’re on a holy mission, and you will need any help available.

Inquisitor Luxor knew that any further questions won’t bring any clearer answers, so he thanked her and embarked the Frigate together. Her presence would help to raise the spirits.


The battle will take place on the outskirts of a Cybertronic Research Facility on Ceres. Brotherhood Troops are trying to take the position to investigate the facility and get some important Cybertronic Research on Anti-Symmetry Devices.

Cybertronic Troops are being redeployed back to their quarters after being sent as reinforcements for a previous operation against Imperial.

FORTNIGHT EVENT: ASTEROID BELT, THE DARK SOUL. All players (except Dark Legion) -2 CC and -1 DEF.


After setting up the table, Markers were placed and the main objective marker scattered 2” towards Brotherhood deployment zone.

warzone resurrection battlereport cybertronic vs brotherhood

Brotherhood wins initiative. Brotherhood deployment:

warzone resurrection battlereport cybertronic vs brotherhood

LEFT WING: two 5xVisionaries squads, one 3xInquisitors Squad. CENTER: 2xJudicators squad, one 5xTroopers Squad. RIGHT WING: one 5XTroopers Squad, one 9xVisionaries squad with Inquisitor Majoris Commander attached. Ava ”Indigo” Jasco stalk infiltrated.

Cybertronic Deployment:

warzone resurrection battlereport cybertronic vs brotherhood

LEFT WING: one 5xChasseurs squad, one Voltigeur. CENTER: one 2xCuirassiers squad, one 5xMachinators squad + Oppreseur Advisor, 732-R4-NCE commander, Exterminateur. RIGHT WING: one 5xArmoured Chasseurs squad, Coral Beach infiltrates closer building’s rooftop.

First turn begins with Visionaries Levitating to the Rooftop and shooting down 1 Armoured Chasseur redeployed via Preemptive Strike on Coral Beach’s rooftop. In the following activations the second Visionaries squad shoots down another Armoured Chasseur. Something unpredictable when you are saving with 15 on d20. Machinators advance in the center behind cover and Oppresseur advances and launches smoke to affect Judicators LOS. Brotherhood players moves them around the protecting stones and behind the smoke, if she is not to shoot, she will take advantage of the smoke too to be protected. In the center she also moves the Troopers behind the central building to be out of LOS. In the center, Cuirassiers move searching for cover and extending Ultrasonic Resonation range to affect advancing enemy Troops. They and Terrance shoot down a couple of Visionaries.

warzone resurrection battlereport cybertronic vs brotherhood


Then visionaries and Troopers advance over their cover to get closer to the woods. Armoured chasseurs shoot back. The Rocket Launcher shoots anti-personnel ammo over the Visionaries gathered on the rooftop and…. FAILS rolling a shameful 20!!! The Rapid Blaster tries to solve the failure but only rails down a couple of Visionaries.

On the left from Cybertronic advance Chasseurs move forward between the trees while Troopers do the same on the opposite border. Then the Voltigeur moves forward, shoots far away from the intended targets and deploys drones. Finally the Exterminateur moves and shoots some Visionaries, killing just one of them but forcing a Break Test they pass showing their fanatic bravery.

warzone resurrection battlereport cybertronic vs brotherhood


Second turn begins with Botherhood initiative. Judicators move forward and shoot lots of dices against Cybertronic Troops with their fearsome AC-100 Crusader cannons, punching holes through Exterminateur and Oppreseur’s legs, weapons and bodies. These guys are hard shooters!!

In response, the Voltigeur shows his power. Voltigeur’s drones fly over the woods and explode over Visionaries and Troopers, killing 6 Troopers and 1 Visionary. The Troopers show their resilience by staying in play passing their Break Tests too. AND brotherhood player gets his faction objective by losing this squad’s commander and scores 5 MP. Despite failing to repair the hull wound, the Voltigeur keeps shooting and launching more drones into play.

warzone resurrection battlereport cybertronic vs brotherhood

In response, the Inquisitors squad moves around the corner and shoots The Armoured Chasseurs. This time the shoots bounce against their armour and keeps them alive but make a hole in the Oppresseur’s hull.

warzone resurrection battlereport cybertronic vs brotherhood

It’s the time for Machinators, their enhanced speed brings them to charge the Judicator to halt his advance, they hit with Core-powered weapons, making one wound on the Battle Walker’s legs, but exploding afterwards by the effort (silly robots, cheap chips to blame).

Then the fire concentrates on the Judicators, punching holes on them with strong rail fire from Cuirassiers and Exterminateur. Various locations affected but still fully functional.

warzone resurrection battlereport cybertronic vs brotherhood


Third turn. Brotherhood initiative… again. Visionaries on the rooftop shoot again. They shoot down a Machinator and try to kill Coral Beach. They get 4 hits despite cover and Camouflage but Coral’s armor protects him effectively.

Then the drones strike again, blowing up the advancing troops on the left wing.

warzone resurrection battlereport cybertronic vs brotherhood


When the dust settles down, only Inquisitor Majoris and 1 brave Visionary are still alive. That flank crumbles.

Trying to avenge their fellows, Judicators pour their cannon fire over Cuirassiers, Machinators and Coral Beach. They succeed tearing down to pieces the two machinators that left, granting the Cybertronic player his Faction Objective and drawing the match (5-5).

In revenge, the Oppreseur shoots gas grenades against the Inquisitors killing one of them and a close-by Visionary in a toxic cloud.

warzone resurrection battlereport cybertronic vs brotherhood


Coral Beach takes aim on the farthest Judicator and penetrates his armor, disabling his main weapons, and heavily impairing the vehicle. It will only be able to kick off enemies from now on.

warzone resurrection battlereport cybertronic vs brotherhood


The two lasting Inquisitors are wiped out by Cuirassier fire, and the last Visionary in that flank is shot down by the Armoured Chasseurs Commander when she flees from the gas cloud.
In the last turn, things solve out when Cybertronic troops are brought closer to the objective while the Brotherhood can only throw the Judicators in range of the marker.

warzone resurrection battlereport cybertronic vs brotherhood

Major victory for Cybertronic (10 MP, 15-5 overall) that has been able to keep his facility under control and ensure the security for his Research Projects. Now it’s time for Brotherhood to retreat and for Cybertronic to move that R&D to a safer place. It was too important to be left in a known place by the Brotherhood.