Diego “Sarklom” (Capitol) vs. Titan Pretoriano (Dark Legion)

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Lately, there has been a lot of movement in the Solar System. All Corporations are fighting each other for resources and territory. The Dark Apostles are machinating, and they are following this trend of acquiring new areas and corrupting as many lost souls as they can.

Our Intel Division has found that Pitterpozu leaded a big heretic cell that has earned the favor of some Nepharites here in Mars. It seems to be a cell composed by 4 female Nepharites that corrupt the bodies and minds of those whose will is weak:

Golgotha, Cleansing the void, Blindness140
2xNepharites of Ilian, Soulwither170
6xHeretics, Initiate with Voriche Auto Pistol54
3xCable marionettes 60
3xPraetorian stalkers, Scythe of Semai165
3xRazide, Nazgaroth195

Legion army
However, I commanded an army of brave warriors to destroy these unholy traitors of Mankind:

'Big' Bob Watts125
Iron Lady40
Det. Nathan Castle40
7xLight Infantry, Armored Battalion84
6xHeavy Infantry150
5xFree Marines, Rocket Launcher125
5xSea Lions105
5xMartian Banshees, Chainripper swords125
4xPurple sharks200

Capitol army

We rolled for the mission, and the result was ‘Ambush’. Initiative rolls determined that Capitolian forces would suffer an unexpected attack, which left them surrounded.

Warzone Resurrection Deployment

(In the picture doesn’t appear, but there is a Necromutant squad in the lower part of the picture)

Thank to the investigations of Det. Castle, Capitol Intel learned that the secondary mission for Legion forces was to sacrifice the squad commander of the Heretics to earn the favor of Ilian (The Lamb). On the other side, Capitol persona ‘Big’ Bob was ordered to execute Golgotha, the enemy of Mankind (The Rising Star).

Thus the fight begins…

During the first turn, Det. Castle tried to hunt Golgotha down, but it was not possible then, and this action left him wounded.

Warzone Resurrection
Also, Golgotha and her squad of Razides begin their siege to the middle of the Warzone, trying to destroy as many people as they could, wounding Big Bob.

Warzone Resurrection razides

Free Marines, brave and bold, tried to attack the Nepharite of Ilian discover those stalking squad in the North part of the battlefield, just to find out they were Praetorian Stalkers. They began their attack in CC, wounding the Nepharite of them but losing some comrades.


But soon they received reinforcement from the Purple Sharks, who also started attacking Razides.


Warzone Resurrection razide dark legion

However, this promising picture for Capitol turned into a nightmare when Kerheela and another Nepharite of Ilian appeared through a portal in the middle of Capitol forces. The evil power of Slowed Time performed by Kerheela left the soldiers frozen, unable to act while she was killing defenseless soldiers.

Warzone Resurrection dark legion vs capitol

Warzone Resurrection purple shark

Finally, the Sea Lions appeared from the shadows and attacked the squad of Necromutants. 2 Power shots and 3 impacts left the squad decimated, with just one member alive, but who was willing to keep the fight!

warzone resurrection capitol

The fight continued and finally the Cable Marionettes came out of stalk and killed the brave Det. Castle, while attacking Light Infantry troops too.

Warzone Resurrection dark legion

Free Marines were losing against the Nepharite and the Stalkers, leaving just one of them alive (for the moment…). However, they were able to kill the Nepharite that was close to the Stalkers. Their deaths weren’t in vain after all.

Razides began to have problems when Purple Sharks reached their position, killing one of them and wounding the others. However, one of the Sharks was still engaged with Kerheela, who was still slowing soldiers down and killing them with the help of the other Nepharite of Ilian. However, Martian Banshees fell from the skies to save their colleagues, being able to kill Kerheela and fight the Nepharite.

Warzone Resurrection dark legion vs capitol


Warzone Resurrection kerheela dark legion

Once Kerheela ceased stopping time, Heavy Infantry gave their lives to kill the Cable Marionettes, but soon they came back. Sea Lions repelled the assault of the last Necromutant and killed the 2 remaining Praetorian Stalkers. The Iron Lady helped with her Medic skills during the whole battle, but kept the Heretic leader with the Voriche Auto Pistol engaged so she couldn’t shoot (but didn’t kill the leader to prevent Pitterpozu from achieving his secondary objective.

The battle went on, and the Sharks killed the Razides, forcing Golgotha to flee from the combat, in the company of a Cable Marionette.

Golgotha dark legion

Finally, Martian Banshees freed the center of the Warzone from the evil influence. It was a hard battle, and many nearby soldiers died.

capitol vs dark legion

Finally, thanks to his powers, Golgotha moved to the middle of the battlefield to remove the remaining Capitolian troops, taking casualties and wounding Golgotha. Nevertheless, Big Bob was ready to shoot, running to cover and shooting 9 shots at Golgotha’s back, obliterating her and earning 10 MP at once. However, Capitol suffered many casualties, so I earned just 5 MP for the Primary Mission. Evil forces were repelled, leaving Legion cell with just 85 points alive (6 Heretics and a Cable Marionettes), while Capitolian Forces kept 519 points of beaten up soldiers. They deserved a nice meal!

As other times, battles with Pitterpozu are interesting and mind-testing, but always fantastic! Thank you for coming to my bunker and for this great game, and for being patient (I usually play with Cybertronic, but I started this League with a brand new army, so I had to check all the stats). You will have your payback. Also, some parts of the battle would have been different if we have read carefully the description of the mission (we thought that Banshees counted too for mission objective, but it turns out that only originally place squads counted, even if they are in stalk). The good point is we will be sure of that next time! So once again, thank you man, you are great!

With this victory, Capitol wants to keep its hegemony on Mars and expel the evil forces of the Legion. Foes of Capitol, learn the lesson: Don’t mess with us!