Warzone Resurrection Battle Report

You can see the match result on this link

Turn 1

Dark Legion had initiative moved stalking Praetorian Stalkers squads 1, 2, and the Praetorian Goliath forward along the left and middle of board. Imperial activates trenchers and runs from out behind the bathhouse and lays down a smokescreen.

warzone resurrection TURN 1 Imperial movement pt.1

warzone resurrection TURN 1 Imperial movement pt.2

Nasca Razide ran forward for turn two positioning, both Life Dragoon squads run forward into cover and around the dry good store. Necromutants run forward and trigger two traps, one mutant in squad 1 took a wound, bought a heal roll and saved himself, necromutant in squad 2 made his armour save. Hurricane Fast Moves around the saloon
and into the street in-between the motel, while the Grey Ghosts climb up onto the roof of the dry good store and beginning searching for targets.

warzone resurrection TURN 1 Hurricane moves into position

Turn 2

Dark Legion retains initiative and stalk Praetorian Stalker Squad 1 forward, accidentally revealing themselves to Andrew Drougan, whom they precede to murder with machine gun fire. Hurricane comes online and fires on stalkers in revenge killing one and wounding SC.

warzone resurrection TURN 2 (1)Life dragoons take their revenge!

warzone resurrection Turn 2 assassination attempt

warzone resurrection turn 2 Revenge in progress!

warzone resurrection Turn 2 revenge!

Necromutants SQ1 move up into forest and fire on trenchers, killing two, trenchers activate in turn and return fire killing one in revenge. Hidden Praetorian Stalker SQ2 moves up and remains hidden for now. Life Dragoon SQ2 begin pouring fire on surviving Praetorian Stalker squad 1 killing it and moving into the flower planter in the
middle of the table.

warzone resurrection TURN 2 mutants taking fire!

Necromutant SQ2 activates and the Plaguedealer runs forward and poisons three life dragoons to death, his squad mate’s move up to the wall take shots at surviving Life Dragoon SQ2 SC and fail to take him down. Life Dragoon SQ1 activate and try to take revenge missing most of their shots and failing to kill with the one shot that hit. Nasca
Razides move one into forest and fires hellblaster and misses badly, the other moves up to the wall and fires at the Hurricane’s engines hitting but failing to penetrate the armour. Grey ghosts pop their heads up and kill the plaguedealer. Goliath stalks forward.

warzone resurrection TURN 2 Nagaroth makes its pressence felt

warzone resurrection TURN 2 Nasca Razides take the field

warzone resurrection TURN 2 Plague dealer strikes!

Turn 3

Imperial takes initiative and activates Life Dragoon SQ1 and runs shotgunner up to necromutant squad 2 and fires, killing one, SC moves up and reveals the Goliath and shoots at him in a panic wounding him once. Goliath charges towards trenchers killing two, the Praetorian Imp buys an action point, moves once towards objective node and
captures it. Trenchers activate and begin shooting the Goliath wearing him down for a bayonet charge that finishes him off! (I didn’t read the 2.3 notes close enough to see that the Goliath got a buff up to 4 wounds, so he should have survived this charge, whoops!)

warzone resurrection TURN 3 Goliath charges in!

warzone resurrection TURN 3 Goliath get's stuck like a pig!

Praetorian Stalker SQ1 reveal themselves and start pouring fire into the hurricane to try and take it out, heavily damaging the hull and peppering the other locations but failing to take it out at once. They spread out and take cover. Life Dragoons SQ2 go live and move up to the planters and shoot at Necromutants SQ2 killing none, shotgunner moves to saloon corner and fires at the scythe wielding stalker but failing to wound. Necromutant SQ1 fires on Life Dragoon SQ2 survivors and kills them. Grey ghosts activate and shoot Necromutant squad leader, killing him.

Nascas shoot at the hurricane and damage the guns and hellblasts the trenchers, killing 3 and forcing a break check that they pass. Hurricane and kills the Praetorian Stalker SQ2 SC in melee. Necromutant SQ2 move out from behind the forest and try to finish off the trenchers and NCO though can’t quite manage it.

warzone resurrection TURN 3Power shot bayonet stab

warzone resurrection TURN 3 bottom of turn

warzone resurrection TURN 3 hurricane gunners beat reaper sstalker to death with rifle butts

warzone resurrection TURN 3Hell blaster making mince meat of trenchers

Turn 4

Imperial gains initiative and captures two nodes with dragoon squad 2 and shot at the survivors of Necromutant SQ1 failing to kill, shotgunner shoots at MG Stalker taking cover at the back corner of the saloon and hits twice and kills him. Surviving MG Stalker moves, shoots, and finally kills the hurricane. Grey ghosts killed imp and missed Necromutant SQ1 acting SC. Necromutant SQ2 move forward, claim a node, finally finish off the trenchers and get ready to score secondary objective.

warzone resurrection TURN 4 Life Dragoons scoring the nodes

warzone resurrection TURN 4 necros on the move

warzone resurrection TURN 4 Shotgunner kills a stalker and the hurricane finally dies(artists rendition)

NCO moves forward shoots at Necromutant SQ1 acting SC hits but doesn’t kill. Nasca Razides activate move back into coherency and shoot NCO wounding him but failing to kill. Opponent concedes the game, both armies severely mauled with Imperial literally unable to continue for objectives or kill enough for wipe out.

Objectives are tallied for league scoring purposes, unfortunately my opponent had to leave at the point so no on scene post match photos but I did make some shots of casualties for each side later that evening. It was a damn good game, I went in against Zane, who had only played 2 games previously those being a demo months ago and his match
against Keegan the day before, expecting a seal clubbing and what I got instead was a kid who learned so quickly he had me actually working for my win. I shudder to think how it will go with a few more games under his belt and I’m going to have to keep an eye on him from now on.