Warzone Resurrection CSS League Season 2: Apr 2018 Round 1

The solar system map and the effects and events of this new round have also been updated. Please, consult the solar system section to see the modifications that you will have to make in this new round.

First round pairings

Remember that, as this is the first round of the month, the confrontations are free and you can choose your opponents.


Keep in mind that the league is already advanced and it is necessary that the teams begin to plan their strategies in common. Captains, it’s time for you to make decisions, maybe you’ll have to move players to other planets… When you win an opponent, you conquer part of his faction’s territory. If you decide to face an opponent of a faction with a very low planetary control, you will conquer less territory for your team. And if the control of the faction to which you defeat is 0%, you will not conquer territory for your team! This is because you are, logically, stealing a non existent quota of territory.

Plan your movements well in line with your team!!


Check the current statistics of the league in the Championship section: Conquest of the Solar System League 2018 Season 2

Check the current statistics of each faction in their respective sections:






The Brotherhood

The Dark Legion


See you in the next round!!