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Warzone Resurrection Kirkwood

Warzone Resurrection Kirkwood

Compendium of Prodos unpublished rules and profiles

The Mutant Chronicles universe is an enticing and exciting one. Being a warzoner, however, can be a bit of a labour of love at times because of the shortcomings and sad news we have to endure (with loads of aplomb) at times. Despite everything, though, we hang in there and passionately support our hobby. And the game sometimes pays us back by providing great satisfaction.

An example of this has to be the release of new rules and material made by the game developers team on the 29th of November which has certainly boosted the community’s enthusiasm with promising new missions, fluff, units and more.

The Warzone Resurrection Kirkwood pdf file, which can be downloaded for free here, includes almost 200 pages of completely new content. As we open the file, we can find an extension of the Mutant Chronicles timeline, where one can learn about the most recent events in the Solar System.

Past that, there’s the Formations section, with new pre-made army lists combining more than one faction.

Following that, a new set of rules for the regular game, this one being Environmental Hazards and Weather effects. While still untested, this is a very promising addition to the rules as it potentially brings new perspectives to the game by randomising the normal course of any given mission.

There’s a new OOC as well, the Armoured one, which allows for a vehicle-heavy army. A couple new missions, and a full scenario are also included. The latter, named ‘Contact: Blood in the snow’ by its author Brian F. Kenny, describes an assault of Illian forces to a scarcely defended Imperial civilian village.

Following a revised and updated Personas Of Warzone (the ruleset that shows players how to create their own heroes), we come across what is, in my opinion, one if the most promising (as well as unexpected) items in the release: Deniable Ops, a skirmish mode for Warzone Resurrection. Keeping the core rules, some new actions are added, some are streamlined and a brand new way of playing is detailed. In the style of Mordheim or Kill Team, we can use fewer minis to carry out faster covert operations.

Then we get to what for many is the main event, the new units. Every single faction gets a number of new units. Quite the assortment, megacorporations, The Dark Legion and the pious Brotherhood get new types of infantry, characters and vehicles. Some of them highly anticipated, some fan-favourites, and some completely new. It has to be said, though that most new units haven’t been proofed, so there might be overpowered units, underwhelming ones or the overall risk of imbalance. Nevertheless, the mere prospect of testing the new incorporations is an exciting one indeed.

To wrap things up, we have the first few chapters of a commisioned novelette entitled ‘Siege of the Citadel’ by Marshall Jones.

To summarise, there is plenty to sink your teeth into, and despite some of the material being potentially rendered unusable or maybe subject to adjustments, Warzone players have in their hands an unquestionably fun future with this game.

What do you think of this new release? We would like to know your opinion here and in our forum.

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Warzone Resurrection

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