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A Warzone Resurrection CSS League Match Narrative

A Warzone Resurrection CSS League Match Narrative

Álvaro (Bauhaus) vs Manu (Imperial)
CSS League
January 15, 2018

All the miniatures have been painted by Álvaro Lareo (Silver Skull Painting Studio)

All quiet on the ring of fire front


The loud roaring of oversized diesel engines brought back Ekhard to reality, gently tapping his loyal fjord’s head stared at the huge bulk of the kodiak tank… such power -he thought- and I wont be able to fully exploit it this time… damn be those wolfbanes… there wasn’t enough time to prepare the battlefield, there were old abandoned barraks everywhere, virtually negating the Kodiak movement, still, he would provide of a wonderful artillery.

Where will you come, old wolf?

Intelligence told him this assault force was leaded by Gordon Slythe himself… Ekhard inconciously touched his leg… it was not the first time both commanders clashed … last time Gordon left Ekhard with a very good reminder of his martial prowress almost cutting off the thigh protection of the MKIII armour and his leg at the same time.

– Kaptain?

– Inform, Edward.

The stoic venussian ranger sergeant showed Ekhard in the map the possible entering points for the Imperials as well as the ranger and blitzer squad positions.

After that Edward saluted and returned with his squad, knowing the grimn duty he has to perform, they won’t be the hunters this time, but the prey and they were in charge of the left flank, they can’t let them in, even if that means death, at least it will be a glorious one.

Ekhard came back to join his hussar squad, they already positioned properly to gain as much height as they can – Rocket launchers up, gentlemen. His support Juggernaut squad formed in front of the hussars, their heavy armour gleaming in the venusian sun.

Time passed on… it wasn’t until a couple of hours later that they heard it. A clear bonechilling deep howl.

Ekhard smile behind his skull shaped mask – How chivalrous of you to come, Gordon.

Everything was settled, let’s see if the wolf bites the trap…


Sergeant Kristoff gave the order, – we are the point of the spear, let’s break some of those inferior vehicles they bought. –

All they can see of the enemy was a couple of necromowers and three fenris bike bearing some huge brutes with axes at their back.

– Headhunters, seems like a good way to start –

All of the squad moved swiftly to a little forest and shoot destroying one of the bikes and killing the headhunter with it, the rocket launcher managed to hit a second bike as well, but sadly not enough to break it.

First blood for Bauhaus lads!


Isn’t lovely ? Ekhard nodded with pride, the blitzer squad did it great, he turned his attention to the edge of the battlefiled, he saw numerous shapes moving but they are, still, impossible to track nor shot, -well, that leaves is but one option…- with a sign of his arm the Kodiak shoted, all of his line felt the tremor of the impact.

Direct hit on enemy formation.


– At the double! – the ranger squad took positions on a barricade after a long run and fired at the vehicle formation, a necromower almost exploded after a well aimed rocket hit his hull, another fenris bike took more damages but, inexplicably, managed to keep on working.

Then he saw it, almost a shade, but too big and too fast to being just a trick of the light.

A varg, they bought a var rider.


He sent signal to the Juggernauts to take positions on the roof of a barrak and awaited with his hussars…

– where are you… –

The remaining fenris bike charged headlong to the blitzer squad, it happened in a moment, but a very bloody one, the bikes and his occupants slaugthered the squad except for a man, blitzers are valiant ( some would say crazy ) like no others, he refused to leave the fight.

Ekhard knows he had to do it, they must destroy those damn bikes and headhunters now while the rest of the wolfbane army is still in the shadows, that position can’t be compromised…

Ekhard whispered the order to the hussars squad.

That moment would be one of the saddest of his soldier life.


Hans was blodied but still alive, breathing heavily he prepared himself to bring the ultimate sacrifice, in that very moment a bullet ricocheted in his back plate, the imperials looked confused at themselves.

In a split of a second Hans knew what was happening, taking off his helmet and kneeling one leg said:

– Better they than you, bastards.

It was the last thing he said.


The hussars halted the salvo. The bikes, the headhunters and the valiant blitzer were no more.

Ekhard heard the sound of the ultracharger shooting, both of the necromowers have manouvered the the left flank and they were shooting at the juggernauts.

The resiliant armour did his job and none of them died.

They aimed their mg-70 HMG in return and obliterated the light vehicles.

But still… no clue of the whole body of the army…they truly are masters of stalking… with a light move, four hussars ran over the next building in a try to spot enemy movement.

Lucky enough one hussar was able to identify a squad of mourning wolves.

– So close… – he thought

The Kodiak recieved the coordinates of the recently spotted squad and fired once more, almost halving their strenght.

It was in that very moment when the Varg attacked.


Edward has never seen anything moving that fast, in a split of the second the varg rider covered all the distance, it was a terrifying sight to behold, a fully enhanced Martian rust wolf guided by a heavily tatooed strong woman, a couple of his men were fast enough to hit first but to no effect.

She, instead, cut a ranger rocketeer by half with her runic blade.


– Damn it, it’s like fighting against shadows –

Ekhard gave signal to the juggernauts to advance another barrak to spot the field, the neumatic pistons of one of the suits failed and the juggernaut fell to the ground, at the same time his companion made it to the top and spotted the enemy.

– Enemy commander found, in with a squad of commando, engaging –

The juggernaut sergeant crushed two commandos with his hydraulic fists, giving the order to his other companion to overcharge his weapons in an attempt to clear the zone.

The soldier opened fire with all his weapons and three more commandos and a mourning wolf died.


– For Volksburg, rangers! Kill the beast –

The whole squad countercharged the beast, knives at their hands, inflicting serious wounds but not being able to finishing the job.

– You, beast!- Edward screamed -Now it’s me or you.


Ekhard was about to give the advance order, Gordon is there, the line endured, time to finish the job.

Then he heard another howl, louder,much louder and hell broke loose.

– What in the name of Nathaniel was that!! –

The wolfbanes brought a pathfinder with them, and with him another squad of commandos, with unnatural speed they shoot and kill two hussars and charged to the juggernauts and kill two of them in a furry of powerful blows, he himself recieved a well aimed bullet in his side, the pathfinder charged one hussar killing him instantly.

One of the commandos filled with rage and adrenaline charged him.

Ekhard parried most of the blows but one managed to enter causing another wound…

The Kodiak tank commander reacted, he drove back the tank enough to be able to shot again his mortar, hitting again and killing some commandos of the recently revealed squad.


Edward and the varg rider were making circles, staring at each other… suddenly the two last members of the mouning wolves joined the fray exchanging blows with the rest of the squad with no clear result.

Edward took a quick look to the rest of the squad, that was the moment for the varg rider to attack, hitting him with all his fury, blow after blow,but both the beast and the rider feel the effect of the wounds, that saved him, with his armour tattered, he cursed.


He felt the rage growing on him.

– Not again, he wont escape –

With a furious blow of his paradesäbel killed the screaming wolfbane and rushed forward to find Gordon.

He was there, not even at fifty meters, his wolfbane army almost destroyed, Ekhard will finish this now for good or bad.

His radio link came to life, the obermarshall ordered to halt at once and reform the line, the enemy haven’t broke the defenses but more attacks were expected and the bauhaus forces needed to prepare themselves.

Ekhard halted, they stared themselves, a defiant smile appeared in Gordon’s face.

Next time you will die it seems to say.

Ekhard rode back to the lines, he had lost few men that day, managed to hold the line and made the imperials pay a high blood toll for being there, later calculations showed the kill ratio was more than 2:1 to his army…

But still he lost, Gordon was there in his field, unscratched, defiant and smiling.

And the final act of that valiant blitzer still haunts Ekhard.

And it always be.




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