WZR Scenario

We present a fan-made scenario for Warzone Resurrection. We hope you like it.

Aren’t you a little short for a Venusian Ranger?

by Andy Lukavic

Private Samuel McDonald hefted the last ammo crate from the supply truck into the tent that was being used for equipment storage. The hot Venusian morning and cooking him in his armor, and waterfalls of sweat were running down the back of his neck. He had shed his Invader Assault Rifle, along with the rest of his Mk1 Light Combat Armor, nearby in the shade. This far into camp he felt he felt there would be plenty of time to gather his gear in case of attack.

He had just sat down on a nearby crate to take a large pull from his canteen when he saw a small squad of the illustrious Blood Berets strolling through camp towards the commander’s tent. This was a common enough sight so he thought to pay it no attention when he noticed a large bloody stain covering the back of one of the Beret’s back. Three large bullet holes, one almost big enough to put a fist through, dotted the armored back of the Blood Beret. Chunky red fluid was just drying from the largest hole, but he could clearly see a glisten indicating it wasn’t completely dry yet. Something felt dodgy here.

He stood up. “Hey, do you need a medic?” he shouted in their direction. The Blood Berets all stopped and looked in his direction. One of them detached from the group and raised a hand in greeting. He stopped in front of Samuel and pointed at the Blood Beret Samuel has been looking at. He looked like he was about to say something when quick as lightning the Blood Beret next to Samuel wiped out his combat knife and plunged it deeply from lower jaw into the brain stem of Private Samuel Mc-Donald.

Looking around, the Blood Beret checked to see if this activity had attracted anyone’s attention. Seeing no signs of alarm, he sharply yanked the blade free and grabbed the dead body so it would made a soft landing. He then walked back to the other four Blood Berets.

In Mishiman <We must be quick, this will not go unnoticed for long.>


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