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WZR Scenario by Ryan Chamberlain

WZR Scenario by Ryan Chamberlain

WZR Scenario – Kill The Messenger

A 1000 / 600 / 600 PT Contact! Scenario for Mutant Chronicles Warzone: Resurrection


When two or more players are part of a team, the following rules apply:

1: The team makes a single initiative roll, using the highest bonus to initiative from any of their armies.

Example: Tom and Harry are playing in team. Tom’s army is lead by Inquisitor Majoris Hanno Hamilkar who provides a +2 to the Initiative roll, while Harry’s army is lead by Brigadier Sir P.D. ‘Righteous’ Rist K.I. who provides a +1 to the Initiative roll. When the team rolls for Initiative, either Tom or Harry may roll, adding +2 to the result.

2: The entire team is considered a single army for the purposes of deployment; The entire team is either the attacker or the defender and no model in the team is considered an enemy model by any other model in the same team. All squads with regular deployment must be deployed across all the armies in a single team. Deployment of squads with special deployment options alternate as a team.

Example: The team (consisting of Tom and Harry) chose to go first and must now deploy first. Both players deploy all of their squads with regular deployment before their opponent does the same. Tom and Harry both have squads with the Stalk deployment option and must decide between themselves as to which Stalking squad they will deploy first; their opponent will deploy the second Stalking squad, then they will have a chance to deploy one more etc.

3: Characters and Advisors may not join a teammate’s squad.

4: RES pools can only be used by the player who own them to pay for cards and abilities of their own models.

5: Your special abilities that target and / or effect one of your squads may now, if applicable, target and / or affect a squad on your team.

Example: One of Tom’s models may cast the B-type Psychic Power “Cleared Path” on one of Harry’s squads.

Example: The RS bonus from a Targeting Flare placed by one of Harry’s Trenchers can be used by one of Tom’s Troopers if his target is close enough to the flare.

6: Each player on the side with the fewest players has their hand size increased by X additional cards, where X is the difference in number of players.

Example: Tom, Dick, Harry and Jane are on Team 1. Dave and John are on Team 2. Dave and John will each draw 2 additional cards in the first Control Phase, as the other team have 2 more players than them.

7: Tactic and Gear cards may be played on squads from the same team, even if the card is faction specific and the team is not of that faction. The Gear limit is still per player.

8: Strategy cards that apply an effect to the player who played that card, now apply that affect to the entire team.

Example: Defensive Model will improve the armour of all vehicles on the team; Not just on the Bauhaus player who played the card.

9: There may still only be 1 Strategy card in play. If the team have the initiative and the opportunity to play a strategy card, they must decide amongst themselves which card they will play from their respective hands, if any.

10: Activations alternate between the opposing teams. Once a player has performed an activation, he can not activate a squad again until all the other players in the team have had an activation.

Example: Dave is playing against a team consisting of Tom, Dick and Harry. The team have the initiative, so Tom gets the first activation, followed by Dave, followed by Dick, followed by Dave, followed by Harry, followed by Dave. Tom will get the next activation.


Far from the Brotherhood’s attention in the southern hemisphere, the siege of what would later be known as Blackroot Citadel began as an apparent accident during the decommissioning ceremony of the CNC Alex Flemming, a medical support ship well past it’s prime and no longer safe to crew. A critical reactor failure put it on a collision course with the Viking Naval Base on Phobos so it was towed out of orbit and left to crash into the Great Rust Desert, south east of Tharsis Rise.

For some reason, the reactor did not detonate upon impact and for several months, scavengers – both freelancers and the Mishimans – would visit the crash site looking for salvage. CAF patrols caught several of them and during questioning they all described the same thing; the unnatural way the hull had blended into the rock.. how some systems continued to work even after they were disconnected from the power grid and how strange sounds would echo up from the parts of the ship that had punched through to the caverns below the desert. A Freedom Brigade was eventually sent in to create a perimeter and keep people out of the crash site but it wasn’t until they disappeared that the AFC sat up and paid attention. It might not be vomiting up an army of shambling legionnaires but they definitely had another citadel on their hands.

A token presence from the CGF was posted to the area, later joined by Mishiman troops, and together they watched on warily as the upright stern of the Alex Flemming twisted and grew with each passing day. There was never enough firepower to assault the strengthening citadel but never was there a direct threat that would get the commanders the resources they needed for the job. Eventually a territorial dispute saw the Mishiman’s concede ground to Imperial interests and the Ronin at their side were replaced by Trenchers and Hurricane walkers.. and eventually, a meaningful presence from the Brotherhood. Not long after that, the gates to hell finally opened.


The defending player’s force should be selected using the Standard OOC and total no more than 1000 points. For thematic reasons it is strongly recommended that the defending player uses a Dark Legion force.

The attacking players should each have a force selected using the Standard OOC and totaling no more than 600 points.



ATTACKER (Capitol Armoured Battalion, 600 PTS)

Captain Vince ‘Fell’ Harland.. 85 PTS
Wolverine .. 100 PTS
5x Light Infantry (Veteran Sergeant) .. 60 PTS + 5 PTS
5x Light Infantry .. 60 PTS
5x Free Marines (M606, DPAT-9) .. 110 PTS + 30 PTS
1x AFT-205 Kraken .. 150 PTS

ATTACKER (Imperial MOW, 600 PTS)

Mercurian Medal of Honour) .. 70 PTS + 15 PTS
Sergeant Benjamin Taylor .. 55 PTS
6x Blood Berets .. 132 PTS
5x Blood Berets .. 110 PTS
9x Trenchers (Charger HMG) .. 108 PTS + 15 PTS
2x Grey Ghosts .. 50 PTS
1x Cartel Mule .. 45 PTS

DEFENDER (Dark Legion – Algeroth, 1017 PTS)

Nepharite of Algeroth (use as Kalgore the Unwavering, Cleansing of the Void) .. 90 PTS + 15 PTS
Fabien Von Hölle (Portal of Undeath) .. 75 PTS
Necromutant Leader (Bringer of Dark Tools, Portal of Undeath) .. 50 PTS + 20 PTS
Necromutant Leader (Bringer of Dark Tools, Portal of Undeath) .. 50 PTS + 20 PTS
12x Undead Legionnaire Squad + 1x Necromutant Squad Leader (4x Valcheck HMGs) .. 139 PTS + 32 PTS
12x Undead Legionnaire Squad + 1x Necromutant Squad Leader (4x Valcheck HMGs) .. 139 PTS + 32 PTS
5x Necromutants .. 95 PTS
5x Heretics .. 45 PTS
2x Razides .. 130 PTS
1x WolfSpider (Indigestion) .. 85 PTS


LENGTH: 8 Turns

DEPLOYMENT OPTIONS: Attacker (Regular, Pre-Emptive Strike, Stalk, Rapid Deployment), Defender (Regular, Pre-Emptive Strike, Stalk, Infiltrate)


The defender always picks which side of the table to deploy on, then each attacking player picks one corner deployment zone.


At the start of the game, immediately after exchanging army lists with your opponent, the defender may secretly pick one of the following to represent the assistance given from the pact:

Blessing of Algeroth: The first time your army commander is reduced to 0 wounds, leave the model on the table and announce that he has the Blessing of Algeroth. At the end of the activation of the enemy squad that reduced your commander to 0 wounds (or during the enemy model’s temporary activation if your commander was reduced to 0 wounds by a sentry action), immediately restore all lost wounds and all enemy models within 3” suffer a ST 10 PSY Autohit. On his next activation, your army commander receives +2 STR to all CC, Ranged and Psychic attacks but is so filled with rage that he cannot leave the table that turn.

Blessing of Illian: Note three pieces of terrain that are no more than 8” from the center line of the table. Once per game, at the start of your army commander’s activation (or the activation of the squad she is attached to), announce that she has the Blessing of Illian. Immediately place your army commander and up to 5 other models from the same squad in B2B with one of those terrain pieces as she steps through a portal and appears at another part of the battlefield. Those models may not Run or Charge this turn.

Blessing of Demnogonis: Once per game, when an enemy model is within 6” of one of your squads, announce that your army has the blessing of Demnogonis. For the rest of the game, when an enemy squad ends it’s activation within 6” of one of your squads, it must make a CON test. If failed, one model in that squad of the controlling player’s choice looses 1 wound with no saving rolls allowed.

Blessing of Semai: Secretly pick one enemy squad costing 150 PTS or less. From turn 2 onwards and once per game, when your opponent activates that squad, reveal that they have the Blessing of Semai and are secretly heretics! All characters and transport vehicles leave the squad and remain under the control of your opponent and do not count as having been activated. All other models in that squad are now yours, including any resource card(s) they generate, and your opponent’s squad activation immediately ends. The squad counts as having been activated and thus may not be activated by you until the following turn.


If the defending player’s army commander is in B2B with the ‘escape’ table edge at the end of his activation and is not engaged, the game immediately ends and the defending player wins a major victory (10 MP).

If the defending forces are wiped out before the end of turn 8, the game ends immediately and the attackers win a major victory (10 MP). If, by the end of turn 8, the defending player’s army commander has been removed as a casualty but neither side has been wiped out, the attacking players win a minor victory (5 MP).


Officially, the siege of Blackroot Citadel was never broken. Corporate troops successfully intercepted and contained the force attempting to break the security perimeter although losses on the Capitol and Imperial forces were high.

In truth, the battle was over quickly but Kalgore and a handful of necromutant bodyguards had slipped past the corporation forces and were spotted dropping into the caverns underneath the desert. Leaving the surviving troops to fight side by side in the defense of the stricken Kraken “Felecia”, Captain Harland and Sergeant McBride followed the nepharite underground and hunted him for an hour, picking off his bodyguards and wounding Kalgore but ultimately they were not able to stop him from escaping. Unaware of the message he was carrying, the outcome was ultimately heralded as a success by both sides. When Doomtroopers breached the citadel later that month, they found it stripped clean, with no sign of the nepharite who had created it.

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